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HalalBooking guide to all-inclusive halal-friendly holidays

One of the most popular holiday types on is a stay in one of our halal all-inclusive resorts. There are many reasons why, for a Muslim, all inclusive holidays make perfect sense.

Top 5 reasons for choosing an all-inclusive halal-friendly resort for your next holiday

  • Great for families

    All-inclusive holidays are perfect for families with children. Halal-friendly all-inclusive resorts provide a safe, family-friendly environment. Many halal-friendly beach resorts have kids’ clubs with activities and entertainment for children to ensure they are having fun and parents have peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about whether activities are appropriate. It is also easier for families with children, especially those who are picky eaters, to choose all inclusive holidays with halal food – most of our resorts have open buffets with plenty of choices, so it is easier for children to see what they want to eat and parents can relax knowing that all food is halal.

  • Women-only facilities

    Our most popular halal-friendly all-inclusive resorts are located in Turkey, many of them in the city resort of Alanya in the Antalya region on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. Most of these all-inclusive halal-friendly hotels enjoy world-class women-only amenities. These include women-only beaches for swimming and sunbathing, indoor and outdoor pools, and restaurants and prayer rooms. The fantastic women-only areas are in no way overlooked and security is tight – all staff working there are female and no mobile phones are allowed.

  • Alcohol-free resorts

    Many of our guests prefer to stay in completely alcohol-free, halal-friendly, all-inclusive resorts. It gives additional peace of mind to know that there is no alcohol at all in the resort, allowing guests to avoid the anti-social alcohol-related behaviour they may encounter elsewhere. All-inclusive halal resorts serve not only soft drinks, but also fruit juice cocktails, fruit teas and, of course, in Turkey, local tea and coffee.

  • Halal food

    It is one thing to have halal food available, but those guests who go on all-inclusive holidays with halal food will experience a whole new level of confidence. Many of our guests have spoken about the extra layer of relaxation which comes from knowing beyond doubt that all of the food they eat is halal and that alcohol is never used in the cooking. Standing in front of an open buffet and knowing that all the delicious food on display is halal is one of the joys of a halal all-inclusive resort.

  • Easy to budget

    With an all inclusive holiday, you know where you stand with costs. The price of your all-inclusive halal resort includes all meals, drinks and entertainment so there are no hidden costs. This makes it much easier to budget and know in advance that you will not be overspending.

Our most popular destinations for all-inclusive halal-friendly holidays

Turkey is our most popular destination for all-inclusive halal holidays. It is no exaggeration to say that Turkey’s all-inclusive halal resorts are world-leading. The most popular region is the Mediterranean region of Antalya. Antalya has a wide range of alcohol-free halal resorts that offer amenities and activities for the whole family. Perhaps the Turkish resort best known for all-inclusive beach resorts is Alanya. There are more halal all-inclusive resorts here than in any other part of Turkey, meaning that there is something to suit all budgets.

If you are looking for a city break rather than a beach holiday, Istanbul’s all inclusive halal hotels are perfect. They are a great choice for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday with sightseeing and visiting Istanbul’s impressive mosques and historic monuments.

If you are looking for something extra special – perhaps for a honeymoon or to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary – then the Maldives is definitely worth considering for a fabulous all-inclusive holiday in the Maldives. Although you will not find the same women-only amenities as, say, in Turkey, you will find plenty of other attractions. Most all-inclusive hotels only serve halal food, some have at least one alcohol-free restaurant, others remove alcohol from your room if you book on Many hotels have certain room types with their own private pool which is in no way overlooked, and those that have mixed pools and beaches usually allow modest swimwear to be worn.

There is a wide choice of luxury all-inclusive hotels in the Maldives to make the most of the wonderful climate, beautiful natural surroundings and palm-fringed tropical white-sand beaches.

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