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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Blackpool

When you think of Blackpool, many nostalgic memories come to mind of the sand between your feet and the tide hitting the shore. The sound of tram rides, the smell of the seaside treats of donuts and the taste of fresh ice cream, Blackpool is a place where the ocean meets the sand and where you meet a weekend beach getaway.

Revive traditions of the past and light up your life away from our busy schedules. Enjoy collecting shells on the beach and the sweet aroma of all the little vans, inviting you to try an array of seaside specials. Indulge in all the tasty hand made rock, candyfloss and sweet treats on display. Visit the creative artisan shops for gifts and souvenirs. Your time in Blackpool will leave you with fond memories of its candyfloss sky.

Blackpool is a seaside resort in Lancashire which is an easy getaway from many northern cities, such as Manchester, Bradford and Leeds, as well as from the Midlands. Boasting a theme park, seaside promenade and many other attractions, the vibrant hub is everything we look for on our checklist when planning a break. Its hidden gems mean that it is perfect for a long weekend - don’t just limit yourself to a day trip!

Things to do in Blackpool

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
This exciting amusement park is one of the UK’s best theme parks with around 38 attractions for the whole family. A blend of roller coasters and water rides, thrill seekers and adventure lovers will all get their dose of action. The park is home to iconic rides such as The Big One which was once the tallest roller coaster in the world, and is still the tallest in the UK. Be sure to brave the Valhalla which has been voted the best water ride many times in the past. The park also hosts many shows suitable for the whole family and has a whole Nickelodeon Land dedicated solely for a younger audience - the very definition of a family fun day out.

Blackpool Illuminations
Every year, the famous 6-mile of lights stay on for 66 days from around late August until November. This tradition lights up Blackpool with traditional festoons and tableaux along the Promenade and is a tradition that has been enjoyed for over 100 years. Millions of visitors visit Blackpool for the iconic free lights to celebrate the seasons changing. Whilst many may associate the end of summer as the end of fun, Blackpool Illuminations show that there is still excitement to be had - a practice that has been passed down and cherished for generations.

Blackpool Tower
126 years of standing, this landmark is one that has made the unmistakable Blackpool skyline. Perhaps one of Blackpool’s finest landmarks, the tower has evolved over time and is an enjoyable experience with even a 4D cinema, panoramic views, afternoon tea and much more.

Sea Life Blackpool
With more than 100 dazzling creatures from the fascinating aquatic worlds, the Sea Life is perfect for the whole family. Explore this enchanting attraction which combines the UK with exotic out of this world displays, and a unique change to snorkel with the sharks.

Stanley Park
Become one with nature in this tranquil natural park, which is home to a lake, woodlands, Italian gardens and children’s play areas. Being in the midst of nature and taking in deep breaths of fresh air is liberating and great for the mind and soul. Nothing will come close to the peace that a walk through Stanley Park will bring, with its wildlife of ducks, swans and more. Get a sweat on rowing on the boating lake and the sporting area.

Halal-friendly hotels In Blackpool

There are over 200 different choices of accommodation readily available on HalalBooking suitable for Muslim tourists. Properties include the choice of a pool, and even all-halal food. Take your holiday at a relaxed pace and enjoy your time in the hotels, with choices of having breakfast included, room only or much more. Enjoy Blackpool the halal way with halal restaurants nearby and take a fun tram ride across the town. Use the flexibility available on HalalBooking choosing from free cancellation and refundable hotels, and feel prepared for anything.

Mosques In Blackpool

The Blackpool Central Mosque is the main Islamic community centre within the town of Blackpool. Not too far from the main beach area, the mosque is the perfect place to serve your 5 daily prayers and to get a sense of the local and friendly Muslim community. Here you can find the importance of well-being and spending time with the family, all whilst appreciating the blessings of the Lord. The mosque also hosts cooking classes amongst other classes, which is an opportunity not to be missed if you are in the area. If you do decide to extend your tip and travel to the nearby towns in Lancashire, such as Preston and Manchester, there are many mosques in and around these cities due to their large Muslim populations.

Halal food and restaurants in Blackpool

Sample the traditional cuisine Blackpool has to offer. The vast choice of delicacies can be overwhelming, but our top pick has to be the national dish of fish and chips by the seaside. With many fish and chips stands or restaurants around the pier, you can find your suitable backdrop on the promenade during the sunset, which is an experience not to be missed. Most restaurants now choose to use vegetable oil to fry the fish and chips making it suitable for a halal diet - it’s always wise to ask to make sure.

There are plenty of cafes and bistros that offer niche foods, and towns nearby which offer international cuisines in authentic settings. One of the nearby restaurants worth a mention is the Bukhara Samlesbury restaurant. This Indian fine dining experience presents as a contemporary alcohol-free restaurant with authentic and tantalising Indian dishes.

Our curated pick is the Notarianni's Ice Cream Shop, established in Blackpool in 1928. With a secret recipe spanning 4 generations, this cute parlour provides fresh and delicious homemade ice cream everyday, which will satisfy your cravings.

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