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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Cumbria

Cumbria, England's most north-western and one of the most beautiful counties, hosts the magnificent Lake District National Park, England's largest national park. As one of the most sparsely populated counties, it has a vast varied landscape from waterfalls to deep lakes to towering snow-capped mountains.

The Lake District

This unique corner of England is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to 16 lakes, including Lake Windermere, 150 high adventurous peaks and 26 miles of coastline and estuaries. Each area of this stunning landscape has its own character and charm that sets it apart. The Lake District was given the UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2017.

Cumbria for the halal-conscious traveller

The Lakes are an ideal opportunity to spend time in nature and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and green surroundings. Admire the beauty of walled gardens, surprising vistas, fells and flowing waters. Try activities you have not done in the past and gain a blissful new outlook on life. There is much to be gained from the stillness, mindfulness of your surroundings and immersion in nature will help you to re-energize and unwind.Take some good books and enjoy reading with a healthy eye to gain knowledge and discover a different environment. As there are not many prayer facilities in Cumbria, it is best to pack a travel prayer mat and water bottle.

Activities in Cumbria

Perhaps the most common reason people visit the lakes is for the beautiful scenery with sea and nature all around. A walk through the wetlands and countryside will bring you closer to nature than ever before. Make the most of guided tours through scenic routes from March to October.

Water activities
With the vast expanses of shimmering water there are plenty of activities to suit any adventure seeker. In the Lake District you can enjoy sports such as canoeing, kayaking, motor boating and aqua ropes. Of course, a favourite activity will simply be swimming in the Lake District waters, nothing is more revitalising than swimming in fresh waters on a warm day.

Other activities
Other land activities include the prophetic sport of archery. Take inspiration from the Muslims before us and be proud of this sport. Try your hand at rifle shooting or axe throwing and train your muscles. There are many adventure companies that organise group sports and you can also enjoy ziplining and even Segway safaris in the woods!

Family-friendly activities
You can also partake in a nature safari with a range of wildlife making the lakes their home.
Depending on the time of day you walk or explore the area, the sun, moon or stars will illuminate the lakes creating a mesmerising and everlasting memory. Make sure you pack a picnic blanket and some home-cooked food for a little home-away-from-home experience with your family.

The Lake District offers some of the best yurts and cabins for group glamping. Suitable for any occasion, the forest retreat is an opportunity to get away with your loved ones. Enjoy the luxury of hot tubs and fire pits under the stars and sounds of the forest.

Halal food and restaurants in Cumbria

The Lake District is renowned for its spectacular surroundings but unfortunately not for its halal restaurant choices. However, there are a few scattered about particularly in Bowness-on-Windermere and Penrith. That being said, there are plenty of vegetarian options. We recommend visiting the independent farms and cafes, which not only support local businesses but also allow you to experience the special touch of the niche.

There are many craft shops worth visiting, with inspiring stories as an ode to the shop's heritage. The 150 year old Grasmere Gingerbread Shop in Ambleside is a small marvel created by a strong and resilient woman, Sarah Nelson, whose story is a source of inspiration today. Try the famous gingerbread: a mix of cake and biscuit with a chewy core. The recipe is the same as it was in 1854 and the staff even wear Victorian outfits.

Enjoy afternoon tea on the Windermere waterfront at the elegant Laura Ashley Hotel The Belsfield in Bowness-on-Windermere, combining a contemporary British brand and traditional British experience in a tranquil setting.

Halal-friendly properties in Cumbria

At HalalBooking, there are many halal-friendly hotels and lodges in Cumbria. With such a big land to choose from, it may be difficult to find a place to stay. The most popular areas are the friendly market town of Keswick, the beautiful scenery of Ambleside, and the scenic waters of Windermere. With our halal-friendly filters, you can find hotels with some halal food or halal food available on request to ensure all your needs are catered for. You may even opt to stay in properties with an indoor pool or with a spa centre to help you unwind. Many choose the self-catering or breakfast-only option, giving you the freedom to cook with your family at a lodge and experience the beauty of seclusion in nature. HalalBooking allows the flexibility of options of free cancellation which ensures you are prepared for anything!