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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Scotland

The allure and charm of Scotland just cannot be described in a few simple words, although haggis, kilts and bagpipes may initially come to mind. This is the country where royal castles were once home to the regal inhabitants of the past, the place where historical movies were based, and the countryside that continues to inspire artists and writers alike. Home to six UNESCO heritage sites, Scotland and her beauty are never scarce in incredible scenery to discover. Visiting ‘The Land of The Brave’ will leave you with memories of stunning Scottish beauty.

Every season and region in Scotland transforms the country spectacularly like you are looking through a different lens each time you visit. Leave Scotland feeling enchanted and when the opportunity to visit again arises, you'll be sure to say "och aye" (Oh yes!).

Islamic heritage in Scotland

One of the most inspirational examples of Muslim heritage in Scotland is the GlaswegAsians exhibition in Glasgow. This exhibition contains a fascinating timeline from 1855 and exposes historical items such as a 250 year old Quran and medals awarded to Muslim soldiers serving in World War 1. The colourful heritage of Muslims is celebrated and promoted in Scotland and is a heart-warming site to see and is present in the everyday life of major cities. There are now many beautiful mosques to visit in the cities that have become hubs for the community and a welcoming place for all to pray.

The Scots are known for their warm reception towards anyone visiting their country. The long-standing connection between Scotland stems from Scots travelling to many countries with Muslim populations over the centuries. The first Muslims to come to Scotland were seamen and servants brought over from India during the 18th century and Muslim travellers began to settle in Scotland towards the end of the 19th Century. For Muslim travellers, this can be seen in its prime with the invention of a new kilt, the ‘Scottish Islamic Tartan’, created specially for the Scottish Muslim citizens. The colours of the kilt are a fine example of cultures weaving together for the future. With blue representing the Scottish flag, green for Islam, a black square for the holy Kaaba, five lines for the 5 pillars and six lines for the 6 articles of faith, Scottish culture and Islam go hand in hand.

Places to visit in Scotland

Scotland's nature trails can be described as serene and beautiful, beckoning you to reflect and interact with the flora and fauna on offer, you will feel at peace and full of admiration at the Almighty's creation. Travel around Scotland and admire the beauty on the journey. As the region is very well connected with public transport, many local trains and other transports with spectacular views are available and affordable to get you around the country.

Edinburgh, the charming capital city full of rich history is home to many striking, awe-inspiring, architectural buildings and has been a popular place to live, work and study for many. As a Unesco World Heritage Site, it is no wonder Edinburgh has been voted the fourth most beautiful city in the world. With many historic sites such as the Royal Mile, Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh Castle, Dean Village and modern areas such as Princes Street Shopping and Camera Obscura, Edinburgh is definitely on the itinerary. The Edinburgh Central Mosque is in close proximity to the attractions.

Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis in Fort William is the tallest mountain in the British Isles, offering walks, rock climbing and an aesthetically pleasing view for all to appreciate.

Balmoral Castle
The breath-taking site of Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, has evocative gardens of green and stunning hilltop sites.

Glasgow is a quaint city, where everything is in walking distance, and gives off a welcoming vibe and environment. The bustling area is full of shopping, dining and attractions for the whole family.

Glencoe National Nature Reserve
The Glencoe National Nature Reserve in Ballachulish is a national park where you can marvel at the panoramic mountain views and wildlife.

Loch Lomond
Known for the stunning scenery, Loch Lomond national park offers 1865 km² of mountains, lochs, forests and glens.

Isle of Skye
The fairy-tale land Isle of Skye brings us back to our childhood memories of fantasising about enchanted kingdoms and mythical tales. The small island apart from the Scottish mainland can be reached via road or public transport or ferry from Inverness. This island has an array of beautiful scenery waiting to be explored and is one of the many epitomes of Scottish natural beauty. One of the main attractions are the Fairy Pools in Glen Brittle, a natural waterfall phenomenon.

Scottish Highlands
When visiting the Scottish Highlands, prepare to be spellbound with wildlife, nature and lochs around you, it has all the boxes ticked to make the most of a unique halal getaway.

Our Curated Find
On a lucky day of low tide on the untouched beach route of An Corran in Staffin on the Isle of Skye, the ground divulges secret dinosaur footprints dating back around 165 million years ago. These footprints embedded into the landscape are an amazing portal into what creatures once inhabited the world, and adds to the magic of the Isle of Skye.

Halal food and restaurants in Scotland

Halal food is accessible for the Muslim traveller with a variety of delicacies on offer in the major cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow, including Lebanese, Turkish, Indian, Italian food and many more. With influences from all over the globe, there are many different restaurants worth trying on your halal getaway.

To get a more traditional Scottish feel for your tastebuds, there are halal options for authentic fare like Haggis and Full English Breakfasts in tourist areas like Edinburgh’s Grassmarket at Zaza’s. Another Scottish food is the deep-fried Mars Bar, a Mars-brand chocolate bar covered in batter then deep fried in oil that originated near Aberdeen, a unique dish that can be sampled in eateries across Scotland. A popular place worth mentioning is Mary’s Milk Bar in Edinburgh, an ice cream parlour with an unparalleled selection of flavours that change every day, a fun option for the whole family to enjoy.

Halal properties in Scotland

Depending on where you choose to stay in Scotland, you can book a hotel to compliment your halal holiday. There are many self-catering lodges in the rural areas which are an ideal option for Muslim travellers due to their options of privacy and various amenities. In the cities, both luxury and boutique hotels are available that can cater to a halal lifestyle, with halal food in close proximity to the hotels. Even places as remote as the Scottish highlands now have hotels that will complement your stay with halal options available for all. Simply use our halal-friendly filters on our website to find the ideal property for your halal holiday.

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