Kuala Lumpur Halal-friendly holidays

Halal-friendly holidays

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Kuala Lumpur Halal-friendly holidays general information

HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Kuala Lumpur

The capital of Malaysia and its iconic skyline is a must for any halal holiday. It would be impossible to list all the reasons to travel to Kuala Lumpur, the jewel of Southeast Asia, but we've narrowed it down to give you a little taste of everything Malaysia has to offer.

If the tourist attractions like the exciting and awe-inspiring Petronas Tower are not enough to intrigue you, then perhaps the culture and vibe of Kuala Lumpur will. Not many cities can boast of being a shopper's dream, a foodie's paradise and an explorer's retreat all rolled into one. Malaysia has the culture, nature, beauty and history, and it's all encapsulated and emulated in Kuala Lumpur's tropical climate. The eco-rainforest, the mosques and the architecture of the buildings are guaranteed to captivate you. The contrast between modern buildings and the traditional hut-like shops reflects both tradition and innovation that can be seen across Malaysia and will inspire you on your halal trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Practical information before visiting Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a major hub in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. There are 3 main airports, the busiest being Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) where both regional and international flights arrive. Flights are available from major UK airports and UK citizens do not need a visa if staying in the country for up to 3 months. The centre can be reached from the airport by taxi, train and bus.

The weather is humid year-round, so be prepared that rain can fall at any time. The best months to visit are generally between May to July and December to February as they have the best weather and fewer crowds.

Kuala Lumpur for the halal-conscious traveller

Islam is the official religion of Malaysia and was introduced by Arab traders who came to the country in the 12th century. Kuala Lumpur may have its own culture and identity, but the friendliness and familiarity of the Malays towards tourists and each other shines through. Visiting the mosques, restaurants and shops you will see a willingness to welcome you despite the language barrier.

The respect and coexistence between the multinational faiths is admirable and inspiring as Kuala Lumpur is a multicultural city with a mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and Chinese. The unity of all ethnic groups and religions is enchanting.

Kuala Lumpur mosques are family-friendly, with designated areas for men, women and children. Family life is very important and the parks, malls, transportation and attractions are very much geared towards that. The streets of the city and its people invite you to spend time with your loved ones wherever you visit. The malls have prayer rooms and the hotels have qibla marks, making your halal hotel an “all inclusive” not only for the food but also for the practicalities of a Muslim traveler.

Sites to visit in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Tower
The iconic, eye-catching Petronas Twin Towers, standing at 452 metres tall, would make an ideal starting point for your tour of Kuala Lumpur. The matched pair of towers can be seen from afar with the naked eye, featured on almost all Malaysian promotional items and also featured in films. Being able to enjoy 360-degree views of the Kuala Lumpur skyline from the towers' observation deck is a must.

Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle is the shopping, entertainment and commercial hub of Kuala Lumpur, where you will find many tourist hotspots including bustling Chinatown. It is full of Chinese heritage, fusion flavours and delightful trinkets. Busy streets come alive at night with the bustle of the market and street carts will tempt you with mounds of fragrant food.

Menara Kuala Lumpur
The Menara Tower is the seventh tallest freestanding tower in the world. From the top, at an altitude of around 421 metres, you have a fantastic 360-degree view of the city. There is also a revolving restaurant upstairs for the whole family to enjoy on your halal holiday.

Sunway Lagoon
For a family holiday away from the city, visit this theme park with 90 attractions in 6 different areas including a water park, a wildlife park and even a Nickelodeon themed land. While the children are entertained, adults can enjoy the hotel and spa next door - perfect fun for every member of the family.

Central Market
The heart of Kuala Lumpur lies in the Central Market, full of art and culture stalls. Explore the market, which has existed and developed since 1888, and find souvenirs to take home at over 300 different shops. This iconic area is one of the best places to experience Malay culture and heritage.

National Mosque of Malaysia
A must-see for any Muslim visitor to Malaysia is the National Mosque of Malaysia. Enjoy the amazing mosque with a capacity of 15,000 people and beautiful gardens. The beautiful architecture will provide an unforgettable moment as you perform your duties to Islam, as well as the friendliness and customs of Malaysian Muslims and other visitors from around the world.

Halal food and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur offers delicious halal food and a fascinating dining experience. Food tours to taste the local cuisine are offered and most restaurants serve halal food, even in the shopping malls. While many European countries state if they are halal on the menu, Malay restaurants state if they are NOT halal or serve pork - look for the menu where this is clearly stated. Malaysia also has a halal portal that you can use to validate any halal status.

5-star dining experiences are luxuries to be enjoyed on holiday, and Kuala Lumpur has no shortage of that. Many may describe the city as the "best of both worlds," with roadside shops offering an equally exciting experience. Try nasi lemak – fragrant rice wrapped in banana leaves, which offers an authentic experience you will cherish. No trip to Malaysia is complete without trying satay - marinated meat/chicken grilled on a skewer with sauce. End your meal with a Teh Tarik, the national drink of Malaysia, made from brewed black tea with condensed milk. The tea is a beautiful ending to the meal and is a symbol of the union of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures.

Kuala Lumpur also has a small Indian and Arabic district that serves authentic cuisine and popular local dishes. Sample the familiar flavours of your favourite Halal cuisine against the backdrop of beautiful Malaysia. The ever-growing franchises we are used to but not serving halal food in the UK are serving halal food in Malaysia, including McDonald's, TGI Fridays and Nando's.

Halal-friendly properties in Kuala Lumpur

Make sure your city break meets all your requirements with our halal-friendly filters and a great choice of properties in Kuala Lumpur on HalalBooking. Choose from options of halal food available onsite and nearby, and alcohol-free stays. Enjoy luxury with amenities encouraging women’s modesty, including spa and wellness facilities and private pools. Discover the finest hotels of Kuala Lumpur and overlook the beautiful skyline with a range of 4 or 5 star hotels. Let HalalBooking take care of the little things with the choices of ‘Book Now, Pay Later’ and ‘Free Cancellation’ on certain hotels.