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HalalBooking guide for a halal-friendly holiday in Antalya

The province of Antalya is also known as the Turkish Riviera and is home to some of Turkey’s best-known resorts as well as its most popular halal-friendly beach resort hotels. It is a little confusing to some that the main city of the region also shares its name – so there is both a city and a province called Antalya.

With a coastline stretching for over 650 km and a dry, sunny Mediterranean climate, it is no surprise that Antalya attracts around 30% of Turkey’s foreign tourists. It is also the halal beach holiday capital of Turkey, and indeed of Europe.

Top five reasons to visit Antalya on a halal-friendly holiday

  1. Halal Beach Resort Hotels
    Antalya is home to world-leading halal hotels, which offer wonderful amenities for Muslim families to enjoy a beach holiday amongst like-minded people, with everything on hand for a relaxing stay. A holiday in a halal-friendly resort hotel offers complete peace of mind - all the food is halal, it is a completely alcohol-free environment, and everything is family-friendly. Our top halal-friendly beach resorts provide women-only sections with their own areas for swimming and sunbathing as well as cafés and prayer facilities. There is a modest dress code for mixed areas, where Muslim families will feel much more comfortable than on a public beach.

  2. Women only Facilities
    Antalya is renowned for its golden, sandy beaches, lapped by the clear warm waters of the Mediterranean. In Antalya, Muslim women can enjoy their own private women-only facilities in our halal resort hotels. These have private sandy beaches with separate swimming and sunbathing areas for women, and some have entire women-only sections which also include spa facilities, cafés serving halal food and prayer facilities. For the best hotels with women-only beaches in Antalya, take a look at Wome Deluxe, Adenya Resort, Adin Beach Hotel and Modern Saraylar.
    The city of Antalya also has the distinction of being home to the first ladies only beach in Turkey to be owned and run by the local municipality. This is known as Sarısu Konyaaltı Kadınlar Plajı (ladies beach), which is situated at one end of Konyaaltı beach, nestled against the mountains. It includes cafés, shops and even a hamam or Turkish Bath.

  3. Great for Muslim Families
    HalalBooking guests tell us that they love the peace of mind which comes with staying in a family-friendly halal resort hotel in the company of other Muslim families. There are excellent facilities for children, and some have kids’ clubs and children’s entertainment, all of which is organised according to an Islamic ethos. Of course, all the food served is halal and there are modest dress codes in mixed areas, so you don’t have to worry about your children and can be free to relax and enjoy your holiday.

  4. Delicious Halal Food
    Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world and our halal-friendly resorts serve a mouth-watering choice of Turkish food and international dishes. Of course, in our resorts all of the food is halal and they are alcohol-free, but the advantage of being in a Muslim country is that if you choose to eat out, you will find that you have an excellent choice of halal restaurants. Unless clearly marked otherwise, all the meat served in Turkey is halal. This includes meat served in international fast food restaurants. It is relatively easy to find alcohol-free restaurants if you steer clear of those aimed at tourists and try more modest local establishments. Enjoy tasty stews, pide which is Turkish flatbread pizza or lahmacun flatbread topped with minced meat and tomato and pepper sauce. Wash down your meal with a fresh fruit juice or the local yoghurt drink ayran, which is extremely refreshing in hot weather.
    If you have chosen a self-catering holiday in one of our halal-friendly villas in Kalkan, you will find that all food on sale in supermarkets and from local vendors is halal, unless clearly marked otherwise. There is also an impressive range of fresh fruit and vegetables. Check which day the local market takes place in the area in which you are staying.

  5. Beautiful scenery and Historic sites
    The Mediterranean coastline of Antalya is made up of sandy bays and dramatic cliffs, backed by pine-clad hills. Inland, the Taurus mountains sweep along the coast, rising to a height of over 3000 metres. Although the climate is warm and sunny with mild winters, away from the coast the scenery is surprisingly lush and green. Take a trip to the spectacular Kurșunlu or Düden waterfalls, where there are plenty of family picnic areas or enjoy a boat trip along the beautiful Manavgat River.
    In terms of ancient history, Antalya is one of Turkey’s most fascinating regions. Visit the beachfront Roman theatre, the Temple of Apollo at Side, and the ancient site of Perge, its city gate flanked by lofty towers. A must see are the aqueduct and theatre of Aspendos. The theatre in Aspendos is considered to be the best-preserved amphitheatre of antiquity built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. It has a capacity of 15,000 people and is still used today for performances and festivals. Don’t forget to visit Antalya’s archaeological museum, where many of the treasures discovered in the area can be seen, for a journey through Turkish history. Also not to be missed are the Seljuk fortress of Alanya and Antalya’s Yivli Minare or ‘Fluted Minaret’ Mosque of the same period as well as Antalya’s impressive Ottoman mosques.

Where to stay? Best cities and halal-friendly resorts in Antalya

The province of Antalya covers a relatively large area of the Mediterranean coastline and each of its resorts has its own attractive characteristics. Whatever your family’s criteria, you are sure to find the perfect Antalya resort for your own halal holiday.

  • Alanya – Halal Hotel Capital of Turkey
    Alanya is the halal holidays capital of Turkey and could probably stake a good claim to be a world leader in this sector. This beautiful resort is famed for its golden sandy beaches and many of our most popular hotels are situated here. Alanya is home to at least 15 halal-friendly resort hotels, all of which have excellent facilities for Muslim families seeking a relaxed beach or resort holiday allowing you to benefit from the wonderful sunny climate, all year round.

    One of the greatest benefits of our halal resort hotels are the women-only facilities, and as a minimum, our halal hotels here offer a women-only outdoor pool. Halal resort hotels such as Wome Deluxe, Adenya Resort, Adin Beach, and Modern Saraylar offer so much more, with outstanding ladies only facilities, including dedicated swimming pools and beach areas, which are some of the best in the world. Naturally, all are alcohol-free hotels serving only halal food. All halal hotels have their own prayer facilities, providing for the convenience of their Muslim guests.
    Our halal resort hotels are so good at providing peace of mind for Muslim families, that you will probably find that you don’t need to leave the hotel at all. The women-only sections at hotels such as Wome Deluxe Resort, Adenya Resort, Adin Beach Hotel and Modern Saraylar provide for all of the needs of their guests, including spa facilities, cafés or restaurants and prayer facilities. They also have excellent children’s facilities and family-friendly entertainment. Accommodation is on an all-inclusive basis so halal food and drinks are included, for your convenience.

    If you do choose to go out and explore the area, of course, the fact that Turkey is a Muslim country makes life a lot easier. Alanya is a beautiful resort with plenty of opportunities for sightseeing and shopping. Next to Alanya’s harbour is the iconic octagonal structure of the ‘Red Tower’ or Kızılküle. Make sure you visit the Seljuk fortress high on a promontory overlooking Alanya – it’s well worth it for the views alone. It is also home to the historic Alaaddin Mosque.

  • Antalya – Largest City on the Turkish Mediterranean
    The capital of the region of the same name is also its largest city. It is a thriving modern city, with a historic heart, namely the old town of Kaleiçi, which translates as ‘inside the citadel’. This charming area is a great place for shopping and soaking up the atmosphere, with narrow cobbled streets lined with impressively restored wooden Ottoman mansions. Here you will find the mosque whose fluted minaret has become the symbol of Antalya, the Yivli Minare Cami, which was built in the thirteenth century by the Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat.

    Travel a short distance from the city centre and you will come to the beautiful beach of Konyaaltı, which is where, at its far end, sheltered by the mountains, Turkey’s first municipally owned ladies-only beach has been opened, Sarısu Konyaaltı Kadınlar Plajı. History buffs should make sure to visit the Archaeological Museum to see artefacts from prehistoric times right up to the Ottoman age.

    All meat served in Antalya is halal, unless very clearly marked otherwise. It isn’t difficult to find alcohol-free restaurants if you stick to the more traditional places where locals tend to eat, such as the Sultanyar Kebabcisi which serves delicious kebabs, Can Can where you can taste home-cooked stews and the Turkish pizza, pide. Also popular is the steak house in Konyaaltı where meat is cooked on open coals, Nasreddin Et ve Tandır.

  • Belek – Heart of Turkish Golf
    Belek is the Turkish resort, which we believe is home to the world’s first halal-friendly resort hotel for golfers. Belek is home to some fourteen world-class golf courses, and the Altis Resort Hotel and Spa is well placed for those who wish to play. It has so much more to offer, however, especially for those seeking a halal-friendly family resort. It is in a beautiful setting with a backdrop of dramatic mountain scenery. Set on a private stretch of Belek’s golden sandy beach, an area has been designated for ladies-only, where women can sunbathe in privacy. One of its outdoor swimming pools is also dedicated to women only. The Altis Resort Hotel and Spa is alcohol-free and serves only halal food. Its women-only facilities also include the spa and indoor pool being open to women only at certain hours of the day. Its family-friendly entertainment makes it a great option for Muslim families holidaying with children.

    If you choose Belek for your halal-friendly holiday, you will find the Belek Town Mosque is welcoming to Muslim visitors who wish to worship here. The resort is only 30 minutes’ drive from the city of Antalya. Make sure to visit the historic sites nearby especially the impressive aqueduct of Aspendos, and its ancient theatre. Perge too is well worth a visit, with its Roman theatre, bath complex and imposing city gate.

  • Kalkan – Great Choice of Private Halal Villas
    Kalkan is a charming resort on the Mediterranean coast in the west of the province of Antalya. It is a pretty village, its whitewashed buildings, tumbling down the hillside towards the narrow streets of the harbour and the clear waters of the Mediterranean. HalalBooking offers an excellent selection of private villas in Kalkan, which are perfect for halal family holidays. Each villa has its own private swimming pool, which is not overlooked in any way, offering Muslim families the opportunity to swim and sunbathe in privacy. Self-catering accommodation often makes it easier to cater for children who can be fussy eaters. Unless very clearly marked otherwise, all meat on sale in Kalkan is halal, so you can feel confident that your family will eat well on holiday. Visit the local market for the freshest fruit and vegetables, and watch the locals for some tips on how to barter with the shopkeepers. There is also a big supermarket on the outskirts of the resort. For those who want to worship, there are two mosques in central Kalkan, Koca Mustafa Cami, close to the seafront, and Mustafa Özgen Cami further up the hill. There are some excellent halal restaurants in Kalkan but they are not alcohol-free. One easy solution is to get your food to take-away and eat in the comfort of your villa.

  • Side – The Perfect Blend of History and Golden Sand
    The old walled town of Side is set on a peninsula with sandy beaches to either side. It boasts an impressive Hellenistic theatre on the beachfront, the largest in Antalya, which originally seated 17,000 people. Side is also home to the Temple of Apollo – a beautiful place to visit at sunset. Outside the old town is the beautiful stretch of golden sand known aptly as ‘Kumköy’ or ‘sand village’.

Antalya - Top destination for halal holidays all year round

The region of Antalya has one of the best climates in Turkey. The holiday season lasts all year round with those wishing to explore its rich history often preferring to visit off-season. Even in the midst of winter you are likely to enjoy sunny days, and won’t usually need to wear a coat.

Whenever you decide to visit and whichever of Antalya’s holiday resorts you choose, it is easy to see why Antalya is a favourite with Muslim families.

If you would like to read more about Turkish history in general and Turkey’s attractions for halal-friendly holidays, please check our Turkey halal-friendly holidays guide.

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