What is HalalBooking.com?

HalalBooking® is a unique global brand, offering truly great holiday experiences with an Islamic ethos. Our aim is to provide a quality holiday experience that is in harmony with your religious beliefs. As Muslims ourselves, it is a pleasure and privilege to be able to offer the service of providing quality holiday experiences for the enjoyment of Muslim families.

Is HalalBooking.com website related to booking.com?

No. Both the websites and the companies owning them are completely unrelated.

What is Islamic travel?

For detailed information about halal-friendly holidays, visit our "Halal Tourism" page.

What is special about your villas?

Our villas are specifically designed for Muslim families. Besides offering high standards of luxury accommodation, our villas have large swimming pools and sunbathing areas, which guarantee that they are not overlooked, offering 100% privacy from the outside. This means that Muslim families can relax and enjoy the sun in complete privacy. All villas are within easy reach of a beach. Some of our villas can sleep up to 10 people, thus offering great value for money for larger families.

How do you ensure high quality of your holidays?

We have a very focused approach. We carefully select and market holidays, which offer exceptional service for our valued customers at great prices. We regularly visit and inspect our holiday locations to ensure quality. We only offer those beach resorts, which serve halal food and non-alcoholic drinks, provide separate swimming facilities for women, and have interesting and enjoyable family oriented entertainment. They also provide Muslim friendly facilities (such as Masjid, Qibla direction, etc.). HalalBooking® is a unique brand, offering truly enjoyable and unique holiday experiences with an Islamic ethos.
All of our hotels provide details about the halal-friendly services and facilities which they offer. This enables you to filter your search to find the option best suited to your requirements. In addition to this our online reviews are all verified to make sure they are from genuine customers, so you can read them to find out other HalalBooking customers experiences of the accommodation. In addition, we regularly visit and inspect our most popular resorts and hotels. We believe that this will ensure that you have the best possible halal-friendly holiday experience.

What about discovering Muslim heritage?

Many of the countries and areas where we feature hotels have fascinating historic treasures to discover. In many destinations, such as Turkey or Spain’s Andalucia, these relate specifically to the area’s Islamic heritage. The feedback which we have received is that our customers prefer to explore independently. We hope you will have fun doing so!

Is April a good time to go on summer beach holiday to Turkey? When is a good time to go on a beach holiday to Turkey?

There really is not a bad time to travel to Turkey. The summer season usually starts from the beginning of May when all resorts open up their outdoor facilities but this may vary from resort to resort, and also depend on weather conditions. The season usually lasts until the end of October, but again will depend on the weather, and some facilities may close earlier. Prices in low season (April and October) remain low, which makes it great value for money, but do bear in mind that not all facilities may be open.

Do hotels’ staff speak English?

Hotel staff in Istanbul, Dubai, Bosnia and Malta usually speak English fluently. Staff in resorts in coastal areas of Turkey usually have good knowledge of English too, but this can vary according to the star rating of the hotel. Generally speaking, the higher the star rating, the more likely the staff are to speak English. Evening entertainment programmes in Turkey’s coastal resorts are also mostly in Turkish. Satellite TV Channels are usually in different languages.

How do you provide airport transfer services if we have booked them through your website?

Transfer services are provided by our partner airport transfer service provider. Following your hotel confirmation email you will receive a separate email with regards to your airport transfers. You will need to click the link and provide your flight details. These will be sent automatically to the airport transfer service provider and you will receive a confirmation email regarding your airport transfers with the contact number of the transfer company and pick-up times etc. On your arrival at the airport, once you have been through passport control and collected your luggage, a driver will be waiting for you at the designated Meeting Point with a sign saying “HalalBooking” and/ or with the “lead passenger’s name”. If your flight has been delayed or you experience any other issues with your transfer, you should contact the transfer service provider directly. You will find their contact details on your airport transfer confirmation email.

Passport Requirements?

In general, each traveller must have a valid passport with at least 6 months minimum remaining validity. The name of the lead passenger on your accommodation confirmation email must match the name on your passport otherwise you may not be allowed entry to the room. All children who are not already included on a valid passport will need to hold their own passports if they are to travel abroad.

Do I need a Visa to travel to Turkey?

It is your responsibility to check whether you and your family need a visa to enter the country you plan to visit before booking. Usually, you can find this information from the destination country’s Consulate or the relevant Embassy department in your country of residence. Make sure that you inform them of the nationality of all members of your family when seeking advice.
A Visa is required for travel to Turkey for most nationalities. You can generate your e-visa easily online in 3 steps before your travel. Please follow the instructions here: e-visa online

Does my booking through HalalBooking.com include Travel Insurance?

Bookings through HalalBooking.com do not include a travel insurance. Travellers are advised to obtain their own travel insurance for health cover and/or baggage loss.


It is in your own interest to be fit and well to travel. It is the responsibility of the individual traveller to decide whether they are medically fit and able to travel.

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