Wellness & Thermal Halal-Friendly Hotels


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Invigorate body, mind and soul: wellness hotels and thermal spas

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving, and all over the world new and luxurious retreats are emerging with the sole aim of relaxation and tranquillity. How often can we recover from our busy schedules and treat ourselves to the relaxation we deserve? With spa hotels and spas, holidays can now be personalised with the sole aim of ensuring you receive the loving care you deserve and desire. For the Muslim traveller, these services were once considered improper and indecent. Due to the rise of Muslim travel around the world, companies are now catering to the more modest lifestyle with gender segregated and secluded spas and other facilities. In Islam, the value of well-being, physical fitness and avoiding stress are of great importance in order to attain spirituality. These breaks have many benefits and what could be better for your body than escaping on a best of both worlds holiday designed to strengthen your mind, body and spirit?

With so many countries offering new and improved versions of a standard hotel, there are many ways to enjoy a wellness holiday combined with culture. To name just a few countries on our website that can offer halal food and no alcohol in the rooms: Turkey, Austria, Slovenia, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan and Thailand. Each has its own holistic program and charm, making it really that easy to choose the destination where you want to experience your wellness and thermal holiday.

History of wellness hotels and thermal spas

Although holidays in wellness resorts and thermal baths have been a rapidly growing sector over the last decade and can be considered relatively new, one of the first spa holidays actually began around the year 43 AD. The city of Aquae Sulis was considered an oasis of the Relaxation evolved and was an ancient wellness holiday destination and many people from mainland Europe travelled there for their very own personal health holiday. The natural springs, with a magnificent array of baths, were once the hotspot for kings and queens to heal their ailments and for Roman soldiers to recover from war. Today it is known as the English city of Bath.

Although the luxury of a spa hotel and spa was once the custom of ancient royalty, now everyone can enjoy the splendour and be pampered in a hotel that caters to their every need. There are many halal ways to find your peace of mind while maintaining your commitments to your religion with halal food and drink. At HalalBooking, they can be filtered by amenities, location, halal food, and meal plan. Locations include Austria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Malaysia and Great Britain.

What is a wellness hotel?

The importance of wellness has increased significantly around the world over the past decade as hotel guests seek to integrate fitness into their holiday experience. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and retiring to a quiet realm of peace has never been easier. More and more hotels and resorts are emphasising wellbeing in the travel industry, leading to the creation of spa hotels. A wellness hotel is considered a hotel that prioritises rejuvenation and offers relaxation facilities such as gyms, spas, saunas, massages, steam rooms, and more. With the refreshing ambiance and aura of detoxification, these spa hotels often also offer breathtaking views and top-notch service. They are the perfect opportunity to discover a healthy and healing experience around the world.

The world is now becoming accustomed to the wellness traveller - those seeking physical activity for fitness, spa treatments, stress relief and spiritual healing. As the world continues to evolve and many facilities are now within reach, we should evolve our lifestyle and ensure we maintain our physical and emotional health. In Islam, our bodies are a gift from Allah and we should do our best to take care of them. Fitness and well-being not only have physical benefits, but also maintain emotional health as it increases self-confidence and spirituality and reduces laziness. Many Muslim countries are investing in halal feel-good hotels around the world, and Muslims are seen as role models in sport.

Remember: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH ) said: "Your body has a right over you…”

What is a thermal spa?

Thermal spas are a great way to beat the heat while being pampered indoors in a tropical paradise. Combining the techniques of ancient Roman bathing rituals, thermal baths can nowadays be seen in areas such as Turkey and Scandinavia. They take advantage of heat-related experiences recommended by health professionals like saunas and spas. Contrary to their names, they may also contain cooling devices as the contrast can have major health benefits.

Thermal baths are easy to find in Muslim countries like Turkey and include experiences like the traditional hammam or Turkish bath. These baths were built under the Ottoman Empire, but many were converted from old Roman baths. The ancient treatments have been found to relieve muscle pain, improve mental health and combat anxiety - perfect for unwinding and re-energizing.

Benefits of wellness hotels and thermal spas

We all want to set goals and for many it is to get fit and see more of the world. With wellness and thermal hotels paving the way for the future, you now have a seamless way to achieve both goals simultaneously. With hotels that offer healthy menus or offer rooms with individual furnishings, you can choose your own personal holiday program. Travel and maintaining your fitness routine while on holiday are no longer limited and you can choose the treatments on offer yourself. You choose what you want to eat. Restaurants offering an abundance of healthy halal food on vacation are a breakthrough in the travel industry. There are so many options and the benefits of spa hotels and thermal baths are both physical and emotional.

Physical benefits:

  • Cleanses the body
  • Improves circulation
  • Slows down the ageing process by cleansing, tightening and toning the skin
  • Brings back a glow to your skin by improving elasticity
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
  • Soothes muscle pains

Psychological and emotional benefits:

  • Improves mental health
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Encourages mental alertness
  • Helps relaxation and allows you to recharge

For the halal-conscious traveller

Many wellness hotels, particularly in Muslim countries, offer halal food, humility and prayer facilities alongside relaxation, which contribute to the holistic halal spa break we all deserve. With these features, you will never forget your daily lifestyle with obligatory prayers, which are the key to the life of a Muslim. Special pool and spa facilities for women-only or men-only allow you to enjoy a family or solo holiday with the opportunity to enjoy all the amenities that a hotel offers in a humble way.

Wellness hotels and thermal spas in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for travellers who want to spend a holiday in the halal spa hotels and thermal baths available on HalalBooking.com. Turkey is not only a beautiful country with breathtaking and inspiring landscapes, but also has vibrant and bustling cities. The influence of the hammam and spa culture can be seen in every corner of the country, with many historic Roman and Ottoman baths, some still in use as hammams. With the steam and peeling treatments and massages on offer, you will feel like the ancient kings who once inhabited Anatolia.

One of the halal wellness hotels in Turkey available on Halalbooking.com is the Ridos Thermal Hotel & Spa. Set in the dramatic mountains of Rize, you will be surrounded by dense natural forests and shimmering lakes. Perfect for Muslim women, it features 2 secluded indoor pools, a ladies-only spa center with a hot tub, hot tub, sauna, and massage services. The hotel only serves halal food and you are surrounded by nature, leaving the stress of the outside world behind for a true halal-friendly relaxing holiday.

Our curated tips

When planning a halal holiday, we understand the importance of ensuring that your holiday is Muslim-friendly. What greater blessing is there to be able to travel the world knowing that one is following the Sunnah? Many of the spa hotels offer foods that are part of the Sunnah such as honey, nuts, figs, olives and pomegranates. Islam encourages healthy eating and as the Qur'an makes reference to specific foods and their health benefits. We encourage you to take full advantage of this and ensure that you not only cleanse your body through relaxation but also through good eating habits. The benefits of these foods are many, as with all things that are Sunnah.

Our last tip: get as much fresh air as possible - many of the hotels are in excellent locations for mindful use of the surrounding nature. Walking is not only good for the body, it also refreshes the mind and soul. Take advantage of the view when you get the chance!