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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is wrapped in the magical beauty of winding canals, stunning architecture, houseboats and bicycles. Anyone who visits Amsterdam will fall in love with the way the 17th-century streets still look the same today and how locals use bicycles as their main mode of transport. The charm is second to none and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, leaving visitors forever reminded of the city's drive and the endearing culture of its residents. The historic city of beauty and culture is home to over 40 museums including the Van Gogh Museum.

Most of the city can be visited on foot and all attractions are in close proximity. Innovation and the old blend perfectly in a bustling city to explore. The canal-side mansions are just as beautiful as the older monuments such as the Royal Palace. Many castles and palaces scattered across Amsterdam give you a glimpse of its royal past. The ring of canals is UNESCO protected and featured on many postcards and social media platforms. As well as being a photogenic city, Amsterdam is also a creative hotspot for talent with many independent galleries, fashion designers and emerging artists. Visit the historic old town and windmills and paint your own picture of the canals and tulip fields.

Practical information before visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam can be reached via different routes. Enter the city by train from one of the neighbouring cities on a tour of Europe, or fly into Schiphol Airport from any major city. It can also be reached by ferry or Eurostar. From Schiphol Airport (AMS), tourists can take a train, bus or taxi to the city centre or to their accommodation.

The ideal months to visit Amsterdam for your halal-friendly city break are April and May, and from September to November, when the weather is still warm but the city is not too crowded with tourists, which means lower prices for flights and hotels.

Amsterdam for the halal-conscious traveller

While many people's first impression of Amsterdam is that the city is not halal-friendly at all, Muslim tourists will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to travel halal-friendly in Amsterdam. With 17% of the city's population made up of Turkish, Moroccan and Indonesian Muslims, Islam is now the second largest religion, which is evident in the abundance of halal food, prayer rooms in beautiful settings and the hospitality of Amsterdammers.

The Westermoskee Ayasofya Camii, Amsterdam's very own version of the Hagia Sofia mosque, is set on the canal and is the largest mosque in the city. The beautiful mosque is the perfect setting for at least one of your daily prayers. There are also a number of other attractive and welcoming mosques in the city.

Amsterdam is family-friendly and offers a wealth of activities for the whole family - whether it's a child-friendly museum, visiting the beautiful parks or cycling together with your family.

Sites to visit in Amsterdam

Vondelpark, the largest city park in Amsterdam, is the living room of the Dutch. As the most famous park in the Netherlands, it is popular with tourists and locals alike. Enter the green area and see the love of the people who spend their time running, meeting friends or having a picnic. Enjoy the view of nature and flowers and the open-air theatre in real Dutch style - cycling through the bushes and paths.

Royal Palace Amsterdam
Home to state visits, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is one of the three palaces in the Netherlands that is used for official events. The stunning and imposing structure is open to tourists.

Anne Frank House
Anyone visiting Amsterdam should pay their respects to the Anne Frank House, where she hid during World War II. The rooms in which she hid from Nazi soldiers were kept as well as her diary and is an important place when looking at world history. The house is the third most visited museum in the Netherlands.

The Rijksmuseum is the largest art museum and the most visited in the Netherlands. It houses fascinating and beautiful masterpieces that have shaped the modern art scene.

Visit the oldest flea market in the Netherlands for old books, jewellery, handmade items and other souvenirs. Over 133 years old and made up of over 300 stalls, the cosy and welcoming atmosphere of Waterlooplein awaits all tourists. Each stall has its own unique charm and you can find many hidden treasures. Don't forget to visit the delicious food trucks!

The 9 Streets
The neighbourhood of 9 Streets is the best area to get to know Amsterdam first hand. Enjoy the shopping district, the high streets, the bustling cafes, the niche shops and the lively restaurants.

Halal food and restaurants in Amsterdam

The cuisine in Amsterdam is delicious and with Turkish, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, Indian and Malaysian restaurants, finding a halal diet is easy. Restaurants also cater to vegan and vegetarian diets, making it easy to grab food to go. A Turkish picnic in the park will leave a fond memory of your halal break, as will a fine dining experience at an oriental restaurant overlooking the canal.

The coffee scene is big in Amsterdam and you will see plenty of independent cafes and rosteries in trendy neighbourhoods or in creative hotspots like Westergas. Go in and check it out - it's a great way to meet the locals, support new businesses and enjoy a Muslim-friendly city break.

Halal-friendly properties in Amsterdam

Just because the Netherlands is not a Muslim country, it does not mean you cannot make your holiday as halal-friendly as you like. With HalalBooking, you can explore the Muslim-friendly options to make your city break in Amsterdam tailored towards you. Enjoy the selection of nearly 300 properties all over the city, with some even serving halal food on site or nearby. For the halal-conscious travellers, alcohol-free stays can be requested in advance on HalalBooking. Explore the other halal-friendly amenities such as pools and spa and wellness facilities to get the ultimate holiday experience. With our halal-friendly filters to search for your ideal property, your holiday will be as perfect as you imagined it in Amsterdam. Enjoy the flexibility of booking options with HalalBooking to ensure you're prepared for changes in plans - look out for the 'free cancellation' and 'book now, pay later' options.

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