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Halal-friendly holidays

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Halal-friendly holidays in Germany

With around 5 million Muslims, Germany is one of the most popular European destinations for halal-conscious travellers. During the economic boom, some Muslims came to Germany as guest workers. Many of them stayed and enriched the country with their culture. For the two generations after the guest workers, Germany is both home and abroad. For many it is the opportunity and happiness for a fulfilled and more successful life, but the longing for one's own homeland is always present. For many, economic stability is the reason for staying. This can still be seen today, especially in popular big cities.

The cityscape is characterised by many Muslim residents. From Turkish wedding shops to Arabic hookah bars, almost every culture has a unique selling point. Muslim women wearing headscarves now work in department stores or teach in schools. There are several mosques and a wide range of halal restaurants in all cities.

The colourful mix of many different cultures and countries makes Germany so unique. In some parts of the city you can even get by with your own native language without any problems. Germany is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Around 40 million tourists come every year to explore the multicultural country. The most popular cities include Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. The most popular travel destination is and remains the capital Berlin.

Mosques and prayer facilities in Germany

There are many magnificent mosques with minarets and domes in Germany, but most are smaller prayer rooms that can usually only be recognised with a signboard.

Cologne Central Mosque - Probably the most famous and magnificent among them. It is enchanting with its timeless architecture and is one of the most modern mosques in the world.

Sehitlik Mosque - The second largest mosque with over 1500 seats is located in Berlin. It is similar to the Hagia Sophia Mosque and reflects the beauty of the Ottoman Empire.

In Germany, you can almost always find a mosque in the immediate vicinity with just a few clicks on Google Maps. Therefore, you can shop carefree in the city without having to miss the prayer times. The mosques are usually very small, but always well maintained and clean. You always feel welcome.

The Islamic cultural heritage of Germany

After Christianity, Islam is the religion with the second most believers in Germany. This became established primarily through immigration from the Balkans and the Middle East. The majority is the Sunni branch. Almost 60% of Muslims living in Germany have a Turkish migration background, which is due to the recruitment of guest workers.

The remaining 40% consist of immigrants from Iraq, Iran, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon or German converts. Thanks to the large selection of German-speaking mosques, many German Muslims have the opportunity to live out their faith freely. In addition, many German schools offer Islamic lessons as an alternative to religious education.

Germany's most popular sights and activities for Muslims

Germany offers a huge selection of large shopping centres with renowned brands. Discount stores like Primark and H&M also attract customers with their low prices. So there is something for every budget. Europe's largest shopping centre with over 250 shops is located in Oberhausen. The Made In Germany seal stands for high quality and reliability worldwide.

One of the most popular activities in Germany are the numerous amusement parks. The most popular and largest among them is the Europa Park in Rust, with three million visitors every year. With thirteen roller coasters and over 100 attractions, Europa Park offers a lot of fun for young and old. However, due to the long queues, you have to plan for long waiting times. The smaller and quieter alternative would be the Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen.

E-biking with a view like Canada? In Chiemgau you have the opportunity to experience the beautiful landscape of three lakes. It is the best option for nature lovers who want to relax in the fresh air. E-bikes can be rented inexpensively on site and even a boat tour over the lake is possible. The untouched nature and the beautiful hiking trails are an insider tip for hikers.

The Leipzig Zoo in Leipzig has been ranked number one among the best zoos in Germany for several years. It is characterised by its diversity of species and offers a huge tropical hall with 2,011 plants and animals from South America, Asia and Africa. A total of around 9,400 animals live in the popular zoo.

For travellers between October and January, Germany is an excellent destination for halal-friendly ski holidays. Numerous hotels in and around the popular ski areas attract visitors with their charming ambience and low prices. Even for beginners there are special slopes and instructors who will teach you everything.

Halal food and restaurants in Germany

Thanks to the high number of Muslim residents, Germany offers the perfect variety when it comes to food.

So it's not uncommon to see a street lined up with restaurants serving Turkish, Arabic, Egyptian and Indian cuisine. The largest selection is undoubtedly in Berlin. The capital is known for its colourful diversity and attracts several million tourists every year. It is the hotspot for many food trucks and food festivals with vegetarian dishes.

Since many German dishes consist primarily of pork, Muslims only have vegetarian alternatives, such as cheese spaetzle or potato dumplings. For meat lovers, world cuisine is a better alternative. The Halal certificate is subject to many requirements in Germany, so it gives the consumer a certain level of security when consuming food with the Halal certificate.

In addition to the numerous restaurants, there are many Turkish, Arabic and Indian supermarkets in Germany. This initially came about through requests from foreign residents. However, more and more Germans are enjoying such markets and are experimenting with foreign ingredients. It is no longer uncommon to find Turkish products in German discounters. The German market has adapted to the high demand.

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