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Halal-friendly holidays

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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Doha

Located in the eastern part of Qatar, the capital of Doha is known across the country for its beautiful and seamless blend of tradition and modern life. Doha offers mazes of souks, mosques and museums with unique architecture, aromas of spices, the throng of locals going about their daily lives, delicious cuisine and dhows (traditional boats) all painting an amazing picture.

To add to the appeal of Doha, the city offers a heritage of perfect balance of Qatari hospitality and modern day amenities with cultural villages, yachts, modern malls with flowing lakes inside, and outstanding museums. Doha’s many resort hotels also have pristine and private beaches. Rich in culture, food and amenities, the capital will definitely give you food for thought when looking for your next Muslim-friendly holiday inspiration.

Practical information for your holidays in Doha

Hamad International Airport (DOH) is the main airport in Doha. The modern airport is perfect for customer convenience and you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to shops. From the airport, the centre is only a 20-minute drive away and both taxis and convenient bus transport are available.

The weather in Doha is warm and dry from December to March, when the temperature and humidity are ideal for roaming outside and enjoying sights and other hotspots in comfort. From May to September temperatures are extremely hot and it can be difficult to enjoy the outdoor facilities during the day, while you can still enjoy warm and comfortable temperatures of around 25ºC in December and January.

Doha for the halal-conscious traveller

Qatar is an Islamic country with a Muslim majority and boasts great halal-friendly holidays. Just by walking the streets you can feel the presence of Islam in Doha with all the Muslims in Arabian dress and traditional Arabian headdress saying the familiar "Salam" to those on the street. Muslim women feel comfortable wearing both the traditional abayas and the modest western attire.

Islam came to Qatar in AD 628 after the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent an envoy to Mundhir ibn Sawa, the Sasanian governor of eastern Arabia. Mundhir accepted the Prophet's call to Islam and accepted the religion, which set off a chain reaction in which most of the residents of Qatar then also embraced Islam.

Around Doha there are many sights of great benefit to Muslims; be it the Al Fanar Islamic and Cultural Centre, the wedding cake-like building, offering courses, activities and tours, or the Museum of Islamic Art, an iconic building in the most beautiful setting in which you can witness the breathtaking Islamic art collected from 3 different continents over the time span of 1400 years. The Qatar State Grand Mosque is definitely worth a visit; Standing on a hill, it looks stunning day and night. Separate men's and women's ablution facilities and 3 stunning libraries filled with Islamic knowledge make for a spiritual and beneficial visit.

Sites to visit in Doha

Souq Waqif
Souq Waqif, the traditional and authentic marketplace of Doha, is bustling with stalls selling traditional garments and souvenirs. Not only is it bustling with life with the markets, there are also restaurants and shisha lounges to enjoy. In addition, the traditional Qatari architecture still exists from the 20th century.

Museum of Islamic Art
The Museum of Islamic Art stands on Doha's waterfront and houses iconic Islamic art and paintings, pottery, jewellery and other antiquities collected from the 7th to the 19th centuries. The items on display have been collected from three different continents and represent and showcase gemstones from across the Muslim world.

Barzan Towers
The Barzan Towers, also known as Umm Salal Mohammed Fort Towers, were built in 1910. They were originally built by the then Sheikh as watchtowers to protect the valley from Ottoman soldiers. The property was considered precious as it was an area that collected rainwater. Behind the towers today stands a beautiful lush oasis full of trees and native animals.

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
Opened in 2010, Mathaf, which translates to “museum”, is a centre of Arabic culture and creativity. Considered one of the most popular and important tourist attractions in Doha, it is an inspiring collection of modern art.

Al Koot Fort
The historical Al Koot Fort, also known as Doha Fort, was originally built in 1927 as a prison and police station. The building 's beautiful white architecture is one of the finest examples of Qatari architecture and one of the best forts in the country. The fort was then turned into a museum and visitors can now see Qatari craftsmanship at its finest, including oil paintings and glasswork.

The Pearl
On an evening or a weekend, take a walk along the beautiful area of the Pearl. This walkway and artificial island made up of 4 square kilometres is the living room for the Doha locals, where they meet friends for food or coffee. There is plenty to eat and even a beautiful view of the marina.

Halal food and restaurants in Doha

As a Muslim country, all food in Qatar is halal. The food in Doha is as rich and diverse as its residents, a treat and a multitude of celebrations for a foodie. It is therefore possible to embark on a culinary journey through the cuisines of the whole world, all brought together in Doha. Indulge in the experiences of fine dining, coffee shops and family dining. From local Qatari delicacies at Souq Waqif, you'll be introduced to a mix of flavours including Kabsa, a mixed rice dish and Mahalabiya, a milk pudding. Doha's expat community has had a major impact on the food scene, and the local culture now encompasses a variety of culinary options including Indian, Southeast Asian and Western restaurants.

Halal-friendly properties in Doha

With over 100 properties in Doha on HalalBooking, your picture-perfect halal getaway will be complete. Most hotels accommodate to the Muslim traveller with halal food options and alcohol-free rooms. Doha is a haven for those who love the halal-friendly and luxury amenities: enjoy and leisure around in a private pool, get your dose of tranquillity through a spa day, and enjoy the mixed beaches and mixed pools. Modest swimwear is allowed at the beaches and pools. There are a range of hotels in Doha, and with our halal-friendly filters, whatever your budget, you will be able to find the best halal getaway you can imagine. Ensure flexibility and security with the new options of ‘Book Now, Pay Later’, and ‘Free Cancellation’, offered by HalalBooking.

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