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Halal-friendly holidays

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Trabzon Halal-friendly holidays general information

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Halal-friendly holidays in the Trabzon province

Trabzon Province on the Black Sea coast of northeastern Türkiye is surrounded by the idyllic mountain ranges of the Western Black Sea. It is ideal for those seeking harmony with nature and a refuge away from the oppressive summer temperatures. Additionally, Trabzon is home to unique historical buildings.

Is Trabzon Muslim-friendly?

As Trabzon is in Türkiye, where over 99% of the population is Muslim, it is a very Muslim-friendly region, full of halal food options in hotels and restaurants, mosques open to prayer and alcohol-free accommodation.

Are there halal-friendly hotels in Trabzon?

Trabzon is one of the leading halal-friendly holiday spots in Türkiye, welcoming thousands of Muslim tourists every year. Accommodation facilities have been meticulous in meeting the needs of their guests especially in recent years as highland tourism has been in demand. Most of the accommodation located in the centre of Trabzon and in districts such as Uzungol and Surmene are alcohol-free and serve halal food only. They also offer various women-only facilities such as spa centres and indoor pools.

Is there halal food in Trabzon?

As Trabzon is in Türkiye, where over 99% of the population is Muslim, most of its restaurants are alcohol-free, especially those which serve local delicacies. Akcaabat meatball is one of the favourite local specialties of the region. Another speciality is the Black Sea Pide, which can be served as a regular pide like a flatbread or folded pide, stuffed with different flavours such as cheese, minced meat, roasted meat cubes and spinach. Do not leave Trabzon before trying the delicious local fish of the region. You should definitely taste the sea bass, red bullet, little tunny, haddock, turbot and salmon fish of the Black Sea waters. If you are going to be in Trabzon between February and November, try different dishes, rice and dessert prepared with anchovy.

What are the top attractions for Muslims to visit in Trabzon?

Trabzon Museum - Popularly known as the Kostaki Mansion, it was restored and turned into a museum by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2001. It exhibits archaeological and ethnographic artefacts. Special materials brought from Italy were used in the construction of museum walls which are almost completely decorated with hand-carved design.

Atatürk Mansion - In 1937, Ataturk gave this place to the Turkish nation along with his other assets by saying "My nation is all I have". The building was converted into a museum in 1942 and it is known as the Ataturk Mansion today. It exhibits the full text of the speech Ataturk gave in Trabzon, the photos taken during his trip and some of his belongings. The garden of Ataturk Mansion is embellished with lush trees and pretty flowers.

Gulbahar Hatun Mosque - It was built by the Ottoman Sultan Selim the Grim in memory of his mother Gulbahar Hatun in 1514. The madrasa, hammam and imaret sections of the building, which had originally been used as a complex and mosque, were destroyed. Only the mosque and mausoleum have survived until today. With its 5-domed great hall, embellished walls and marble decoration, it is among the prominent structures of early Ottoman architecture.

Trabzon Kemeraltı Bazaar - Kemeraltı Bazaar is the largest and most popular among the Trabzon ones. It is popular for copper products, jewellery, local clothes and home decoration specific to Trabzon. You can go to the bazaar in the daytime or evening and you can shop as you wish. You can buy shawls, dresses or neck-scarves made of kashan- fabric uniquely found in the Black Sea region.

Trabzon Boztepe - It is believed that the first settlement in Trabzon, where urban life dates back to ancient times, was located on Minthrion Hill - now called Boztepe. Today, Boztepe is a popular place for stunning views of the city, beautiful sunsets and enjoying a cup of tea prepared in a samovar. There are many cafes and tea gardens on the hill.

Sumela Monastery - Perhaps one of the most historically prominent structures not only in Trabzon, but also in the entire Black Sea region.

Trabzon Castle (Walls of Trabzon) - Its original structure dating back to 4 BC, Trabzon Castle is like a traveller in time as it has undergone many changes and centuries have passed until it reached its final form. The castle consists of three parts; Upper Town, Middle Town and Lower Town. It is home to churches, mosques, baths, fountains, gates and towers.

Hagia Sophia Mosque and Museum - It was built in the 1250s during the Trabzon Empire as a monastery church in the shape of a cross. The mosque served as a warehouse and military hospital during World War II and was converted into a museum in 1964. In 2013 it was reopened as a mosque and is open for prayers.

Inns and Baths - Being one of the stops on the Silk Road in the north of Anatolia, Trabzon was an important centre where merchants and travellers stopped to stay for a while. For this reason, there are many historical inns in Trabzon such as Tashan and Vakıf Inn. Historical baths include Sekiz Direkli Bath and Pasha Bath.

Natural beauties of Trabzon

Uzungol - Welcoming thousands of tourists from all over the world every year, Uzungol is one of the unrivalled stops of highland tourism not only in Trabzon province but also in the entire Black Sea region. It is home to the breathtaking rainforests due to its temperate climate. Uzungol offers an unforgettable holiday experience in nature with countless species of plants and animals.

Surmene - Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature among the clouds, between tea and hazelnut fields and experience the peace and serenity away from daily hustles. Surmene is also home to a large number of cultural and historical attractions.

Haldizen Plateau - Located 16 km from Uzungol, Haldizen Plateau hosts the Haldizen Creek, which flows through the plateau. Since Haldizen is located very close to Yedigoller with its numerous crater lakes, visitors usually choose to explore the plateau area by foot.

Altındere Valley - Altındere Valley is a beautiful national park which hosts Sumela Monastery and is popular for extreme sports.

With its diverse natural settings, Trabzon offers a wide range of activities such as quad bike safari tours in Uzungöl, hiking in lush forests, seashores or mountains, as well as mountaineering and paragliding on the mountains and plateaus. Trabzon also holds numerous festivals in the spring and summer.

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