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stars: 4
Dar Caïd Layadi, Marrakech, Morocco
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Ladies facilities (pool, spa, beach, etc)
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  • 7.3
    Our stay at le vezir

    Ilhame, de girl that did the animation was great. The whole animation team did their best with te kids.

    The women pool was oké.

    Breakfast was good.

    Dinner was not that good as the lunch. There is no manpool only or one with no bikini rules like in Turkey. With all do respect but we found it not deacent to look at a grown up wearing a bikini and walking or sitting near by us. Our advice is go en do some research in Turkey. The muslim customer is willing to spend a lot on their holliday if every member of the family can enjoy.

  • 7.0
    Good stay, spacious and clean apartment

    Good stay, room was comfortable and clean. The service from the main reception was good in dealing with requests.

    Good facilities to keep young children entertained eg various size pools, climbing frames, plat ground, basket ball and tennis

    - No kettle in apartment for tea or coffee.

    - A food menu in the apartment and room service would add more ease to the stay.

    - A better range for kids meals during lunch and dinner.

  • 6.4
    Great time but some things should be change to have more funn at the resort

    The ladies pool was great the animation for kids was also great
    The staff was polite

    The rooms was clean but it smells so bad every time we came in.. it was a smell off sewerage.. the buffet has not variation enough, And iff you book all inclusieve for food why do you must pay for drinks,

  • 6.8
    Good resort

    The breakfast

  • 6.8

    I like the room its hygiënic en the ladys pool.

    what I find less good is the food in the evening there is not much choice and you just get a bottle of water on your table without you asking for it and in the end you have to pay for it. there may be more entertainment

  • 5.0

    My wife only enjoyed the ladies pool area.

    Le Vizir hotel and resort Marrakech was not what I expected.
    We used Halal booking last year to travel to Bera Alanya Hotel in Turkey it was amazing full Islamic environment. We could not fault Bera Alanya.
    So we thought we can trust Halal booking to find us the perfect Islamic environment destination.

    Le Vizir Marrakech looks amazing in the Website, however it's all to see not much to do in the pool.
    I feel price was extortionate for Le Vizir.
    AlHamdulillah they have a private pool for ladies but what about the men?
    I have two adult sons and we felt extremely uncomfortable going near a pool where there are half naked ladies wearing bikini.
    So we thought we'd spend more time in the Gym than the pool unfortunately the Gym is very small with very few equipments and some were damaged the greatest disappointment was, no dumbbells no free weights and no Bench.
    I informed the person behind the desk.

    Pools are quite small.
    Jacuzzi only in ladies pool
    It's not an Aqua park.
    Tea, coffee drinks only available at breakfast time.

    They gave only 1 bottle of water (1.5L) during Lunch and Dinner - 1 Bottle of water for 4 Adults and 1 child in our family. This is ridiculous!
    When I enquired the lady in the restaurant told me 1 bottle of water per room regardless of how many people are in a room.

    My friends daughter was feeling sick she needed water but they would not give a glass of water until they paid.

    Full Board meal was such a waste breakfast was good.
    Lunch was literally few vegetables and kebabs not many varieties.
    Dinner was mundane nothing wow same thing everyday.

    - Adult Buffet is 150 Dirham and children is 75 Dirham. So if you're a big family don't expect more than 1 bottle of water which is 1.5 litre.

    - Al Carte Menu was more worth than Full Board.

    If we came late 9pm (although closing time is 10pm) then they did not stock up until closing time.

    No water cooler in vicinity of the hotel.
    And No water or Towels in the Gym.

    Tea coffee is highly priced they even charge for water.

    We had to ask for towels

    Bathroom door lock was broken they did attempt to fix it after complaining few times but they never got round to fix the lock during our 8 day's of stay.

    Toilet has no jug or (VIDET DOUCHE) Muslim wash to clean oneself and this is not just our apartment but throughout the whole hotel......not very Islamic is it?

    Bathroom and Toilet together:
    There was only 1 Toilet for our family of 5 to share, not only that there's only one Mirror as well which was in the Bathroom.
    You can imagine how inconvenient it was for us all.

    Apartment has a kitchenette but nothing in it (No KETTLE NO MICROWAVE).

    Air conditioning - not able to adjust in our room or any of the hotel rooms also smell of bad odour from the air conditioning. Reported to the main reception few times they said they will send someone to get it sorted unfortunately that didn't happen either.

    Solarium terrace just had two chairs no sunbeds not as the picture in website.

    Music was blasting whole day and evening until I told someone to turn it off in the evening as we wanted to relax.

    Being prepared I got my own tea bags I can't do without my Tetly teabags....guess what?
    They don't do tea and coffee.

    We spent our hard earned money, 1 year of savings for this family holiday!
    Instead of relaxing we were thinking of how much money will go on trips to the supermarket.

    £10 for taxi to go to supermarket so we decided we will walk to the nearest shop which was 17 minutes walk.
    Nothing is nearby.

    Last day:
    Breakfast was not ready at 8:00am!
    They're supposed to be open at 7:30am.
    So we ended up missing our breakfast on our return day because we had to catch our flight.

    Mohsin was the only Receptionist who was very helpful during our stay.

    This is definitely not a 4 star hotel. Service throughout the hotel was poor we had to ask for water, towels, plaster etc many times they kept forgetting.

    No Qibla direction in any of the rooms
    And no prayer mats either.
    And NO prayer AREA in whole of the Resort!
    How is it Halal friendly?

    Very upset and disappointed please do not mislead the Muslims saying it is Halal, it's not!
    Le Vizir is just a ladies only pool for the local and tourists.
    Very busy with locals.

    At the end of the day we got fed up of waiting and complaining we just wanted to get out of Le Vizir. Never again!

    I don't think Halal booking should have Le Vizir resort on their website.

  • 8.0
    Family holiday at Le Vizir

    pools were great especially the ladies and entertainment was good too. dinner at the restaurant was really nice.

    i wasnt able to use the oven without the electric going off which was so annoying.

  • 7.0
    The resort could be more Halal

    My wife and I stayed with our 14 year old, 10 year old and 3 year old boys for 9 nights. Resort is spacious, very neat and well looked after. It’s definitely good for children who are hyperactive like my 3 year old - they can run around without fear of hurting themselves, etc. Tgey will definitely enjoy. Our Children enjoyed the serenity of the place. Rooms are tidy, comfortable and has good level of privacy. The two public Swimming pools are also adequate in size; the baby swimming area is a bonus. The women’s only swimming area is probably the eye of the eagle - it was fantastic according to my wife. It was strictly manned by staff and inside it has a lot to keep the women happy. The shuttle service is very good and was always on time.

    We went as a family trip and spent a lot of money, primarily wanting a halal experience. Besides the women only swimming area, and the fact that they serve no alcohol, there’s nothing else that was Halal in all honesty. We were very upset that in all three swimming areas (besides the women only of course) there were always semi-naked women - it was embarrassing especially with our boys with us. We tried to go early in the morning to swim but it was still the same. Also, there was no Qibla direction in any of the rooms, nor was there any praying area anywhere. They could easily have provided a small praying area/hall in this big resort, I’m not saying I wanted the 5 times azan to be called out - but a small prayer hall/room wouldn’t hurt the management I’m sure. Also, there was constant music being played very loudly - it got annoying at times. The buffet was tiring after 3 days, there should be something for children, such as chips, burgers etc. Also, they only give one big bottle of water between the five of us, that was inadequate we felt. If 2 of us ate and others came afterwards they wouldn’t give any water unless you pay extra. That’s very unfair. In short, it definitely didn’t feel like a halal trip that we spent so much money on, but if this is not someone’s priority then yes, this place is worth visiting.

  • 8.0
    Dutch guets

    I have been at Le Vizir with my wife and 4 kids. It's a very nice resort which differentiate itself from other halal resorts because of its location (in the city and not in the middle of nowhere) and because it has limited number of rooms. The resort consists of a number of relatively small buildings which gives you the feel of not being a number but a guest. The staff is really kind and organizes different kind of entertainment for the kids & parents. I loved the breakfast and dinner. Every euro worth it!. I had one living room, two bed rooms, 2 bath rooms and a large garden. I paid approximately 135 per night (in July) which is really cheap! It's a 4 star hotel but I think it should be upgraded to a 5 star one.

    The resort has 3 pools now. One for woman and 2 are mixed (man and woman). It would be nice if one of these pools would be exclusively for man. That would make it perfect for me!

  • 6.8
    Bon hôtel

    Personnel accueillant, très bon confort, l'alimentation très bon sauf au dîner.

    Très gros point négatif par rapport à l'absence de l'appel à la prière et pas d'endroit où prier.
    Mauvaise transmission des informations

  • 8.9
    Super séjour

    J'ai passé un agréable séjour, personnel sympas et toujours à votre disposition. Pour notre religion, c'étais très bien. Pour la piscine, les femmes peuvent bronzés en toute tranquillité. Dés que possible nous reviendrons pour des vacances plus longue inchaallah


  • 8.9
    Très bon 2eme sejour

    Piscine pr femme
    Petit déjeuner très diversifié et complet.

    Manque salle de fitness pr femme

  • 6.6
    Séjour agréable

    nous avons aporevié la piscine pour femme et le spa.Le petit déjeuner très varié. belle suite

    le déjeuner trop cher pour ce qui est proposé. manque un micro onde et ustensile dans la suite.

  • 7.0
    Séjour agréable en famille

    Les chambres étaient spacieuses et moderne

    Il y aurait pu avoir plus de piscine ou de toboggan

  • 9.1
    Top top

    Séjour agréable personnel très sympa avec le sourire

    Rien à signaler

  • 5.2
    Cela fait 3 ans que je viens avec ma famille.mais cette année j ai etait deçue malheureusement !

    La piscine pour les femmes.quelque activité.les animateurs sont sympathiques.

    Le buffet très mauvais.l’année passé c’était propreté des chambres était nulle 👎.beaucoup de poussière !!!

  • 5.9
    Petit séjour en famille

    Le calme

    Le buffet et la terrassé pas de matelas pour les transats et l'hygiène a améliorer

  • 5.5
    Le Vizir à Marrakech bof bof 😒

    La tranquillité de la piscine qui se trouve près de l'accueil.

    Le prix, certe nous étions qu'en demi pension mais nous avons quand même déboursé plus de 800€ juste pour 3 jours et nous avions dû limite mendier pour boire de l'eau gratuitement (quand je fais la comparaison avec les hôtels en Turquie il n'y a pas photo). Le wifi pas top il fonctionne qu'une fois sur deux et dans la 406 il y avait une odeur d'égout remontait de temps en temps. La salle de fitness pas terrible. Je vais arrêter là

  • 6.8
    A ameliorer

    La disponilite et l'amabilité du personnel.
    Les quelques activités proposés aux enfants
    Les quelques spectacles du soir
    La restauration

    Le receptionniste abdelkader qui ne propose jamais de solution.
    Les nombreuses personnes feminines avec 2 pieces dans la piscine privée de l'hôtel mais aussi dans la piscine familiale ouvertes pour les gens extérieur alors qu'une piscine pour femmes est disponibles. Pas halal tout ça. Nous étions tres gênés..

  • 8.0
    👍 bien
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