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Halal-friendly holidays

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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in the Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are a unique experience with a great deal of diverse and stunning beauty all coexisting in one area. This mystical destination offers a magical experience combining lochs, mountains and wildlife. The Highlands can be incorporated into a road trip through Scotland with good transport links to Edinburgh and Glasgow. The green landscapes and scenic areas change seasonally. Visit nature's wonderland in the winter months but pack appropriately and bring waterproof clothing at all times of the year as the great British weather is always changing!

The Highlands for the halal-conscious traveller

The Highlands offer breathtaking scenery, mountain views you've only dreamed of and being alone with nature like never before. Though the lack of halal food and prayer facilities will make you remember the Hadith: ‘The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The entire earth has been made a place of prayer….” - Sunan al-Tirmidhī 317’. Like the ancestors before us who migrated to new lands, Muslims do not need a mosque to live their Islamic faith and follow its principles, as the earth itself is halal for them. Wear a waterproof prayer mat when you are out and make the most of the beautiful scenes. If you are visiting the Highlands as part of a Scotland tour, be sure to visit the mosques in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. The lack of halal food can be counteracted by opting for vegetarian and seafood dishes. We recommend packing snacks for your trip as well, as a halal holiday in the Highlands is best enjoyed on the go. Like mosques, halal restaurants can be found in the big cities nearby.

Sites to visit and activities in the Highlands

Aviation Tours
Places like Inverness offer aviation tours that allow you to enjoy the scenic terrain and remote landscapes of the Highlands. Feel as free as a flock of birds and see the colours of the landscape intertwine. Some tours even let you pilot the plane!

Steall Waterfall
Scotland's second highest waterfall is in Fort William. Fall in love with the tranquillity of the creek and get your piece of nature with a peaceful walk to the waterfall.

Ben Nevis
Take on the awesome challenge of climbing Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles. For those who want to take in the lake views and nature in a more relaxed manner, ride a gondola to the top and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the Scottish Highlands, including the Great Glen, Ben Nevis and the surrounding area.

Glenfinnan Viaduct
The famous viaduct, over which the Jacobite Steam Train travels, is probably one of the most iconic sights in the Highlands. Known from the Harry Potter films, you can walk the path and enjoy stunning views from the top.

This picturesque village is known for its waterfalls and surrounding mountains. For couples it is one of the most romantic glens in Scotland. Glencoe's perfect and dramatic greenery will make you feel like you're in your own romance film.

Durness Beach
While the Highlands might not be associated with a typical beach holiday, there's the hidden gem of Durness Beach. This extensive coastline is made up of rocky cliffs that hide sheltered coves and sparkling waters. Relax amidst the view or hike the challenging trail.

Halal food and restaurants in the Highlands

While there is not a huge range of halal food, halal fine dining in the Scottish Highlands is an experience not to be missed. At Edina's Kitchen in the Dunalastair Hotel Suites, the finest dishes are prepared exquisitely and to perfection! Make sure to savour every bite in the secluded setting, it's a moment you'll never forget. Most halal food takeaways are in Inverness, but there are restaurants throughout the rest of the Highlands that also serve vegetarian and seafood options, which are a great alternative.

Halal-friendly properties in the Highlands

Choose one of the many hotels in the Highlands available on HalalBooking with direct views of nature. The Highlands are so vast that deciding where to stay can be difficult. Many opt for the cultural city of Inverness, or the mountainous town of Fort William. Explore the quaint but welcoming town of Fort Augustus with a population of only around 600, of the cosy cabins of Aviemore. Whilst there are not many Muslim-catered options in hotels at the Highlands, the Scottish people are very welcoming and any modest wear will not be frowned upon. The 5-Star Dunalastair Hotel Suites in Kinloch Rannoch provides all halal food and an alcohol-free room if requested, giving the ultimate Muslim-friendly experience with a mountain view. The Royal Marine Hotel in Brora also offers halal food if requested in advance. HalalBooking has halal-friendly filters to help you search for the best property for your stay in the Highlands. Explore the options of flexibility available on HalalBooking with choices of refundable stays, “free cancellation” and “book now and pay later”!