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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holiday in Fethiye

With its ancient cities, magnificent bays and unique nature, Fethiye is an amazing holiday heaven, a popular summer holiday attraction for both international and local tourists, and it offers the opportunity to combine beach holiday with culture and sightseeing.

Fethiye, both a city and a district, is located in the southernmost point of Muğla Province and is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Turkish Riviera. It offers a unique holiday experience thanks to its blue-flagged beaches, clear blue mediterranean waters, lush forests, historical ruins, boat tours, extreme sports and many other appealing activities. Modern Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos.

Halal-friendly hotels and villas in Fethiye

Fethiye offers its guests a great variety of halal-friendly properties ranging from 5 star halal-friendly resorts with an all-inclusive concept, to villas, which are ideal for those prioritising privacy and peacefulness. In addition to spa centres with separate areas for women and men, there are many holiday facilities offering women-only, men-only and family pools. Halal-friendly villas with fully secluded pools in private gardens are an ideal choice for travellers and honeymoon couples.

If you have more specific criteria when searching for Halal-friendly accommodation, we recommend that you use our Halal-friendly filters on our website and also visit the following pages:
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Alternatively, you can put in your own information such as travelling dates, number of visitors, the ages of children, if any, in the search box at the top of the HalalBooking website. In this way, you can see the prices of halal-friendly resorts in Fethiye and book at these prices. If you become a HalalBooking Loyalty Club (HBLC) member for free, you can benefit from extra discounts which are only offered to members. All you need to do is to register on our website.

Halal food and restaurants in Fethiye

Since the Aegean region is one of the most popular holiday spots among local and foreign tourists, there are many restaurants and cafes where alcohol is served. However, there are also numerous alcohol-free restaurants and cafes.
Although Fethiye does not offer as many local dishes as other regions in Turkey, restaurants offer alternatives including grills, fish and fast food. There are also coffee shops offering refreshing cold drinks, elegant bakeries serving delicious brownies, cheesecakes and cookies, restaurants providing breakfast menus with fruits and vegetables, and snack bars with delicious fresh juice and sandwiches. Some restaurants cook and serve fish bought from stalls at reasonable prices. You can also enjoy an ice cream while on a walk on the beach in the evening!

Places to visit in Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the leading holiday resorts in Turkey and the most populous district of Mugla. There are many places to see not only in the city centre but also nearby. Fethiye is home to a variety of interesting places ranging from ancient cities dating back thousands of years, to historical museums and bustling bazaars, all of which attract local and international tourists.

Esplanade and Calis Beach
The unique beauty of the Aegean coast strikes anyone who goes for a walk along the coastline. The starting point of the esplanade is Fethiye city centre and it extends to the marina, where boats and yachts are anchored. The esplanade is the departure point of boats and ferries that leave for daily tours. The 3rd subsection of the shoreline has recently been extended by the municipality to create more space in Fethiye city centre. After this section comes the final spot: Calis Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in the region. The beach is one of the most crowded because of its convenient location. Besides, the picturesque cafés and restaurants are really impressive. The esplanade is vibrant at any time of the day and street artists perform live music in the evenings. It is also popular among families who enjoy going on a picnic. After fishing on the coastline in the daytime, you can barbecue with your family, watch the sunset and enjoy tasty fish together.

Fethiye Museum
Fethiye has been home to many civilizations since ancient times. Archaeological remains unearthed in the region are on display at Fethiye Museum, which is located in the heart of the city. You can see large stone blocks, sarcophagi and ancient monuments in the open space of the museum, which hosts an archeology and an ethnography section.
The biggest proportion of the artefacts exhibited in the archaeology hall are made of ceramics. Sculptures, which are a reflection of the culture and Temple of Artemis hint to the critical role of the museum.
As for the ethnography hall, hand-woven samples typical of the region, hand-embroideries, caftans and silver jewellery are exhibited.

Paspatur and Umbrella Street
Being a famous tourist attraction and an authentic shopping area, Paspatur is home to the most vibrant streets of the city all day long. Paspatur has 5 narrow parades, where you can find a great number of carpet stores, clothes and leather shops, gift shops, Turkish delight shops and jewellery stores. Paspatur is not only famous for shopping but its old buildings give the visitors a warm feeling and a journey back in time. The well-known area with amazing shopping alternatives, Umbrella Street (also called 95th Street), is also ideal for those who like taking photos.

Lovers Hill (Aşıklar Tepesi)
Lovers Hill is a must-see for those who would like to watch Fethiye from above and enjoy the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea. With its romantic atmosphere and extraordinary sea view suitable for taking lovely pictures, the hill is a favourite spot for visitors both at sunrise and sunset.

Historical and cultural heritage of Fethiye

Being a historical residential area established on the slope of a hill, Kayakoy is called a ghost town by the locals. Established during the Lycian civilization, it was under the rule of Greeks for many years. In 1923, the residents of the village had to emigrate as there was a population exchange and Turks were settled in these houses. The earthquake in 1957 caused great damage to the houses in Fethiye so the village has been deserted ever since. This is the reason why Kayakoy is referred to as a ghost town.

Rock Tombs of King Amyntas
Dating back to 4th BC, these rock tombs were made for people of higher social status who lived during the Lycian period. They form an important part of the ancient city of Telmessos and have become a symbol not only of Fethiye, but also of the ancient heritage of the Aegean region. The graves were formed from natural rocks suitable for processing and carving. Gothic columns on the exterior and frescoes depicting warriors are a reflection of the era of their construction.

Telmessos and other ancient cities in Fethiye
Fethiye was known as Telmessos in ancient times and its history dates back to the 5th century BC. Although earthquakes and settlements in the region led to a loss of some remnants in time, the Ancient Theatre of Telmessos and the tombs of the King are breathtaking artefacts dating back to that period.
Of course, Telmessos is not the only ancient city in Fethiye. As far as known, there are 13 ancient cities in this region. One of the prominent is the ancient city of Tlos, which is believed to be home to Pegasus - the mythological creature with the shape of a winged horse. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Tlos dates back 11,000 years. The monumental structures of the city, such as the Acropolis, the Rock Tombs, the Stadium, Theatre, the Great Turkish Bath, the Temple of Kronos and the Basilica, attract the attention of history buffs.
You can also visit the ancient cities of Lycia such as Xanthos, Pınara, Patara and Kadyanda on a day tour to the well-known Lycian Way - a walking trail in the middle of nature which is 535 kilometres long.

Afkule Monastery
Afkule Monastery is located on a steep slope, about 400 metres above the sea level. You can reach the monastery following a trail in the woods. It is believed that it was constructed in the 5th-6th century AC and the monks carved it out of the rocks to avoid being disturbed by an outsider, to protect themselves from any source of danger and live their lives. It is free of charge to enter the monastery.

Natural beauties in Fethiye

12 Islands
Take a boat tour departing from Fethiye Pier to visit some of the 12 islands of Fethiye. Of course, a single boat tour cannot cover all the 12 islands but you can still enjoy most of the magnificent bays and natural beauties around. With halal-friendly boat tours, you can visit the Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, St. Nicholas Island, Aquarium Bay, Soguksu Bay and Camel Beach.

Named as “the land of light and Sun” by the Lycians, Oludeniz welcomes thousands of travellers every year with its lush trees and beautiful turquoise sea resembling a stagnant lake. Known as the 'Heaven on Earth' since ancient times, this magnificent beach resort is located only 14 kilometres away from Fethiye. With its fascinating white sand beaches and clear waters with different shades of green and blue, it offers an unforgettable idyllic view.

Kabak Bay
Fethiye is rich in splendid sea views. Just like Oludeniz, Kabak Bay is a popular holiday destination due to its stunning views, crystal clear waters and fine sandy beach. There is almost no building in this bay.

Butterfly Valley
Located in Faralya village, the Butterfly Valley takes its name from more than 80 different species of butterfly found here. Butterflies will accompany you as you walk inside the valley, which is accessible by boats departing from Fethiye. But there is an important rule the visitors must follow as they visit the valley: No noise is allowed here because it can cause damage to certain butterfly species as they have a high level of sound sensitivity.

Saklikent Canyon
Saklikent Canyon especially appeals to those who want to escape the sweltering heat of the summer months. We recommend that you come to Saklikent with sandals, or water shoes, because the waters of the 18-kilometre-long and 200-metre-high canyon are icy all year round and you will have to walk in the water. If you don't have sandals or water shoes with you, you can buy some from stalls at the entrance.

Things to do in Fethiye

  • Horse riding
    If you are keen on horseback riding, you can choose tours on horseback and turn your holiday into a memorable experience. Upon reaching the hill after a walk in the lush forest, you can watch the inspiring panoramic views of Oludeniz and see the historical ruins in the surrounding area.

  • Paragliding
    Another popular activity to do on your Fethiye holiday is paragliding- a recreational sport for an amazing adrenaline rush. Immerse yourself in the inspirational view of Oludeniz from the foothills of Babadag, which is one of the most amazing paragliding destinations in Turkey. If you are going to try it for the first time, there are professional teachers to help you.

  • Parasailing
    Fethiye also offers parasailing- for those who are afraid of paragliding, but still want to experience soaring in a parachute. Try this extreme sport either on your own or with another person and make your holiday special.

  • Rafting in the Dalaman River
    With its 26-kilometre course, Dalaman River offers a great experience for rafting enthusiasts. Each boat is accompanied by an instructor who stays in control and guides the group along the course. Although it may seem like a risky activity, all measures are taken to ensure safety so that even those who try rafting for the first time can have a great time in all safety.

  • Scuba Diving in Dalyan Bay
    If you are a diving enthusiast or interested in the underwater world, you can experience an unforgettable holiday adventure whilst exploring Dalyan Bay. Those who have no previous experience of rafting are also informed by experts before diving with the group. To ensure the security of your group as you dive, an instructor will also be there and a photographer will take photos and videos while you explore the underwater.

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