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HalalBooking guide to halal-friendly holidays in Muğla

The city of Muğla in southwestern Turkey is the center of Menteşe District and Muğla Province, which stretches along Turkey's Aegean coast. The Muğla province includes popular halal-friendly tourist resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Dalyan, Fethiye and Ölüdeniz. With its historical and cultural heritage dating back many centuries, splendid views of the Aegean Sea and popular beach towns, Muğla is popular among local and foreign tourists, especially in summer. You can also travel back in time with artefacts and ancient sites found in different parts of the city, tracing back from ancient times to the Ottoman era.

Halal-friendly hotels and villas in Muğla

The most popular holiday resorts in the Aegean region are located in Muğla. The province offers a great variety of halal-friendly hotels and holiday resorts, especially in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris.

If you think that sun, sea and sand are essential but would also like to explore culture and history, then it is recommended to choose hotels that are close to ancient sites or located in the city of Muğla itself. Muğla offers numerous halal-friendly accommodation alternatives, ranging from 5-star hotels to boutique hotels.

If you want a sheltered and private family holiday, a great number of halal-friendly secluded villas with a private pool in Bodrum or Fethiye.

You can do your own property search using our halal-friendly filters. Here are a couple of examples:
Halal resorts in Muğla
Villas for Muslims in Muğla

You can also put your own information such as travel dates, number of visitors, ages of children (if any) in the search box at the top of our website. This will allow you to see the prices of halal resorts in Muğla and book at competitive rates.

Must-see places in Muğla

Muğla City Tour

  • Clock Tower (Saatli Kule)
    The Clock Tower is one of the outstanding symbols of the city. In 1895, Hacı Kadızade Süleyman Efendi, who was the mayor of the city at the time, and his wife who were impressed by the clock tower they saw in Damascus during their pilgrimage, had the Clock Tower built in Muğla.

  • Muğla Museum
    Located inside a former prison, the Muğla Museum was established in 1994, the year in which some fossils were found in the village of Özlüce, to exhibit the archeological and ethnographic artefacts unearthed in the region. Today, the museum consists of 4 sections including the Natural History Section (displaying animal and plant fossils), the Gladiator Hall (displaying the grave stele of gladiators), the Archeological Hall (displaying the artifacts excavated in the ancient cities of the region) and the Ethnography Hall (displaying clothes and jewellery).

  • Saburhane
    Saburhane is an old neighborhood where the Turks and Greeks used to live together under the Ottoman Empire. The houses are famous for their architectural structure and history. Although the houses are situated on a slope, none of them block the view of the other due to their great architectural design. Chimneys with tile hats are considered the symbols of Muğla houses. Saburhane has been declared an urban protected area, and not only the houses, but also the streets, walls and winged doors called "kuzulu gate" have been taken under protection. Saburhane Mosque is one of the important historical monuments in the district.

Muğla’s historical houses

Muğla is famous for its historical mansions. You can see them all over the city and get in to see the interior.

  • Municipal Culture House - Kültür Evi: In the 1800s, the Şerefliler family - one of the oldest families in the region - had this mansion built, which is currently used as a Municipal Culture house. Local items and clothes are exhibited today in this historical mansion, which bears Turkish and Greek architectural characteristics.

  • Hacıkadı House: Located in Şeyh quarter, this old mansion was built in 1875 by Hacıkadı Süleyman Efendi, the mayor of the time, for his son. Also known as the house of Muğla, it exhibits both historical and cultural objects. There is also a cafe and a restaurant inside.

  • Özbekler House: Also known as Hacı Hamzalar House, this mansion was built at the end of the 1700s. Although it was originally built as a small house, new structures were added afterwards and a number of improvement and restoration works were carried out. In 1987, it was awarded by the Chamber of Architects as the best preserved and maintained house of Muğla. It has been open to visitors since 2005.

Historical and cultural heritage of Muğla

  • Sheikh Bedreddin Mosque
    Located in Müştabey quarter, the mosque was built by Sheikh Bedreddin in 1565. Being almost 450 years old, the mosque has undergone much restoration work. The tomb of Sheikh Bedreddin is found in the garden of the mosque, which is open to Muslims.

  • Kurşunlu Mosque
    One of the 15th century artefacts of the Ottoman Empire, the Kurşunlu (“covered in lead”) Mosque takes its name from the lead plates that cover its dome. There are pictures of the Kaaba on the interior walls of the mosque, which initially served as a ‘madrasa’ (educational institution in the islamic culture) with 30 classrooms. Having been mentioned in Evliya Çelebi’s Travel Book, this magnificent mosque is an important historical structure in Muğla.

  • Yağcılar Inn
    Yağcılar Inn was built at the end of the 1400's and became one of the leading trade centers of the time. Initially serving as an oil factory, it began to host commercial shops. Today many tourists and locals have a great time in the lovely historical atmosphere of the tea garden located in its courtyard.

  • Konakaltı Inn
    This two-storey structure was built in the 19th century to accommodate the merchants visiting this region. In those days, there were stables, warehouses and shops on the ground floor of the building and rooms for accommodation on the upper floor. The Inn was renovated by the Municipality of Muğla while meticulously preserving the historical structure. It is currently used as a public training center and sometimes hosts cultural and social events.

Ancient sites in Muğla
Muğla is probably the richest city of the Aegean region in terms of archeological resources and remnants. As the number of ancient sites and artefacts increases daily with new discoveries, the city has become a great attraction for both local and foreign tourists. The most popular ancient sites located in city centres, on mountains and even underwater are as follows:
* Tlos (Fethiye) - one of the most important settlements of Lycia
* Stratonikeia (Yatağan) - a Roman and Carian settlement
* Kedrai - located on Sedir Island in the Gulf of Gökova
* Letoon - founded in the 7th century BC near Fethiye
* Knidos (Datça) - once a critical commercial port city
* Kaunos (Dalyan) - famous for its ancient theatre and king tombs

Districts and natural beauties of the Muğla Province

  • Fethiye
    Fethiye has the most beautiful bays and views of the Aegean region and the whole of Turkey. Fethiye offers great attractions such as Ölüdeniz, Kabak Bay, Butterfly Valley, Saklıkent Canyon and luxurious accommodation together with an unforgettable experience alongside rich history and culture. You can take a boat tour from Fethiye and visit 12 islands as well as the natural beauties along the way!

  • Bodrum
    With its white houses, colorful roads, a history of 3,500 years and amazing nature, Bodrum hosts more than one million tourists every year. Enjoy a calm and peaceful holiday with 5-star halal-friendly resorts, villas and boutique hotels. Discover Rabbit Island, Yalıkavak (a lovely town near Bodrum), İncirliin Cave and Gökçeler Canyon.

  • Marmaris
    Like the other coastal districts of Muğla, Marmaris offers a memorable holiday experience with its rich history, culture and art as well as its wonderful sea. Famous for its marble trade in ancient times, this charming town is popular among local and foreign tourists. Marmaris also offers the best boat trips. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Turunç Bay surrounded by pine forests and blue-flagged beaches, or visit the resort of Dalyan and travel back to antiquity.

  • Dalaman
    Dalaman is one of the holiday destinations in Muğla which you can enjoy all year round. With its green hills, white sand beaches and small fishing towns, Dalaman is a calm town offering a peaceful holiday. Some of Dalamans must-sees include Sarıgerme, famous for its blue-flagged beaches, Gökgemile Bay, a hidden paradise where the lush forest meets the sea and Dalaman Stream, perfect for rafting fans. There is also an airport in Dalaman with domestic and international flight options.

  • Sultaniye Hot Springs
    Sultaniye hot springs, famous for its healing waters, are located in Köyceğiz - a district of Muğla. The excavations taking place in this region demonstrate that the hot springs have been used since antiquity.

  • Karabağlar Plateau
    Karabağlar Plateau, located only 3 km from Muğla, is a perfect spot to escape from the crowd and noise of the city and immerse into nature. You can even explore the traditional Aegean culture through folk theatre shows, puppet shows, open air movies and oil wrestling competitions organized in the cafes located on the plateau.

  • Yılanlı Mountain
    Yılanlı Mountain, one of the highest points in Muğla, offers a splendid atmosphere in the middle of lush pine forests. After enjoying the sun, sea and sand, take a break to breathe the clean air of Yılanlı Mountain. You can have a picnic in the recreation areas and even enjoy the snow in the winter.

Things to do in Muğla

Don’t miss the shopping in the traditional bazaars on your holiday in Muğla. While strolling through these beautiful markets, you can explore the history of the city.

  • Arasta Bazaar: In Turkish, ‘arasta’ refers to the place where tradesmen doing the same kind of work stay together. But Arasta Bazaar is much more than that. As the historical texture is still preserved, it takes you back in time thanks to its narrow roads. In the bazaar you can find coppersmiths, cologne stores, shops selling clothes and restaurants serving delicious traditional food.
  • Zahire Bazaar: Very close to Arasta Bazaar, it is an essential stop on your trip. This marketplace with little shops mostly selling handmade products welcomes its guests with its lovely atmosphere. Inside the bazaar there are cafes where you can taste different types of Turkish coffee cooked in a pan filled with sand.
  • Yağcılar Inn: One of the most famous historical inns of Muğla, it offers a variety of shopping alternatives. There are shops selling rugs and other woven products as well as local products. After shopping you can have a sip of tea in the tea garden and enjoy in the historical atmosphere.

Boat Tours
Muğla has the most popular coastal towns of Turkey so the visitors have a great variety of boat trip options to discover the beauties of the Aegean Sea. It is also possible to rent a private boat as a family or group. With halal-friendly boat trips, you can discover the most beautiful spots of the Aegean Sea including Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Fethiye, Dalyan, Saklıkent Canyon and many more, without having a concern for the privacy of your family.

Fethiye also offers halal-friendly diving tours with professional trainers.

Outdoor Sports
There are several outdoor sports you can try in Muğla:
* Paragliding (Fethiye)
* Kiteboard (Akyaka)
* Rafting (Dalaman Stream)
* Diving with the best professional divers in the world (Marmaris, Bodrum and Fethiye)
* Sailing (Marmaris)
* Canoeing (Ula)
* Hiking (on the Lycian Way stretching from Fethiye to Antalya)
* Cycling (between Bodrum and Torba)
* Parachute (Milas)
* Glider and parasailing (Ortaca)
* And several other sports like water jet, windsurfing, etc. (all the districts of Muğla)

There is no end to entertainment in Muğla. You can take part in a festival or a small event in a village during any month of the year in different parts of this vibrant city. Here are some examples:

  • January: Camel Wrestling Festival in Bodrum
  • April: Kite Festival in Akyaka
  • May: Maritime and Spring Festival in Marmaris, Culture and Art Festival in Dalaman, Toy Festival in Datça
  • July: Yuruk Festival in Beşkaza Plateaus, Menteşe Beşpınar Oil Wrestling Festival, International Music Festival in Gümüşlük
  • August: Köyceğiz Kaunos Golden Lion Turkish Film Festival
  • September: Culture and Art Festival in Ula, Altınbadem Cinema and Culture Festival, Muğla Culture Festival

Halal food and restaurants in Muğla

The Aegean region is not only famous for its gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views and turquoise waters, but also for its most delicious cuisine. The legendary dishes are prepared with herbs grown in the region and mostly cooked with olive oil.

Some examples of Muğla’s tasty dishes are: Oven baked baby goat, Muğla meatballs, Sauteed saffron milk cap mushrooms, Keşkek - a stew with chicken or lamb, Stuffed zucchini flowers, Baklavas prepared with syrup, such as Muğla Saraylısı and Oklava Çekmesi, Grilled Eggplant with Cheese, Çingene Pilavı - salad with local ingredients, Radish greens salad, Mıhlama - minced meat and eggs, Sauteed Zucchini, Yoghurt with ramps, Chickpeas with tripe, Sweet potatoes with olive oil, Spinach roots with rice, Sauteed meat with eggs and Unripe melon pickles
You can taste these unique dishes at the local restaurants found in Muğla city centre or in its districts.