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  • 6.8
    It is okey

    Good value for money.

    The discrimination from the staff is very frustrating. The staff always give priority to the Turkish customers even if the non-Turkish customers where there before, some people always mange to go ahead the line. When we tell them they often correct their mistake, but its make us feel unwelcome and that we have to fight for our service. This is a question of educating the staff to respect the que system and treat the customers equally despite language and ethnic background

  • 8.9


  • 9.3
    The best journey

    Everything was great for us. We really liked the large selection of quality food, women's beach, clean and spacious rooms and balcony. The staff is very friendly. This is our most beautiful journey.

    Wi fi could be better.

  • 10
    Excellent choice for your family

    We loved this place. Can't say anything negative about it. A happy family

  • 10
    Brilliant as always

    I really enjoyed this resort, this was the fourth time my family and I stayed at this resort. They never fail to disappoint. The rooms are really big, the drinks are always restocked. The staff are brilliant! The reception staff are great! Super welcoming. The rooms all have washing machines which is a life saver!

  • 6.6
    September 2020
  • 5.0
    It was.....ok!

    The animation team was the BEST thing about the hotel. Yaqub and his team were amazing. The people selling excursions were nice and not too much pressure to buy. Ice cream was very nice. The old guy sorting towels by the kids pool was a very nice man.

    beach was a hazard. Rusty metal stairs very easy to fall. lifeguard too busy on the phone and at one point wasnt there all day. Miserable bus driver. Miserable staff at beach restaurant. A lot of miserable staff at the hotel.Wifi was rubbish. A lot of guests push and shove to get on bus whether you are an old lady or little child they dont care, and theres space for everyone, same goes for the food. Manners are old fashioned here i guess. Cheap resort to stay if your low on money otherwise just go to other resorts in the vicinity for a bit extra.

  • 9.1
    Great place & friendly staff

    Hotel is very comfortable for both, families and sole travelers. Staff is very friendly and helpful. The hotel is very clean and nice.

    1) Female pool is getting little sun due to the fact that the place is kept close from others. The curtains prevent the sun. Thus, pool water is mostly cold.

    2) it would be great to have a separate disco place for females.

  • 7.7
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    Slide pool children had a lot of fun

    Kaydıraklı havuz çocuklar çok eğlendi

    Far from the sea

    Denize uzak olması

  • 8.9
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    Very positive
    Gayet olumlu

    First of all I appreciated the friendly and patient waiter and staff, the cleanliness of the hotel and the rooms are really excellent with the food and beverage options.

    Öncellikle güleryüzlü ve sabırla çalışan garson ve personeli takdir ettim,otelin ve odalarin temizliği,yiyecek içecek seçenekleri ile gerçekten mükemmel

    Since the hotel is a bit on the hill, if you do not have a car, there is no place to see around.

    Otel biraz tepede olduğu için aracınız yoksa,etrafında gezip görülecek yer yok ne yazık ki..

  • 9.0
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    We are very satisfied.
    Wir sind sehr zufrieden.
  • 7.3
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    A mediocre hotel
    Vasat bir otel

    The interest and relevance of the staff was good. Room ventilation was problematic. There was a constant smell. I could not find the taste I expected in the dishes. Soups were always cold. Grills were tasteless. I could not find what I was looking for. Animation team was insufficient.

    Personelin ilgi ve alakası iyiydi. Oda havalandırmaları sıkıntılıydı. Sürekli koku oluyordu .Yemekler de beklediğim lezzeti bulamadım. Çorbalar her zaman soğuktu. Izgaralar lezzetsizdi. Aradığımı bulamadım. Animasyon ekibi yetersizdi.

  • 7.5
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    Ok for the price
    Für den Preis in Ordnung

    The kids loved the slides and the cakes and the ice cream.
    And the mini club and mini disco.
    The women's area was good.
    Breakfast was always good.

    Die Kinder haben die Rutschen und die Kuchen und das Eis geliebt.
    Und den Miniclub und die Minidisco.
    Der Frauenbereich war gut.
    Frühstück war immer gut.

    Much too loud music by the pool.
    Partly unfriendly staff, the Turkish guests are always preferred.
    No real juices.
    Eat cold more often.

    Viel zu laute Musik am Pool.
    Teils unfreindliches Personal, die türkischen Gäste werden immer bevorzugt.
    Keine richtigen Säfte.
    Essen öfter kalt.

  • 4.3
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    Inexplicable, lived ...
    Anlatılmaz yaşanır...

    Food, cleaning and service was awful

    Yemekler,temizlik ve servis berbattı

  • 8.3
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    The service staff were very friendly and motivated.
    The public places were very clean.

    Die Servicekräfte waren sehr freundlich und motiviert.
    Die öffentlichen Orte waren sehr sauber.

    This is the third time I've been to modern Saraylar. Last year, the vacation was so nice there. But not this year. The animation people were very boring & lazy. It was very boring on the beach (women's beach). Furthermore, we were always lied to from cover to cover by the employees, everyone always told something different. We were driven to Alanya in the city (30 km away) to be able to carry out the corona test. However, it was hidden from us that you can also do a test in the hotel. Instead we had to pay € 60 for a taxi & wasted 4 hours. (The "taxi driver" was an employee from the hotel)
    The food was unfortunately not good this year ... and hardly any choice.

    Ich war jetzt zum dritten Mal, bei modern Saraylar. Letztes Jahr, war der Urlaub so schön dort. Dieses Jahr jedoch nicht. Die Animationsleute waren seeeehr langweilig & faul. Es war sehr langweilig am Strand (frauenstrand). Des Weiteren wurden wir von vorne bis hinten immer angelogen von den Angestellten, jeder hat immer was anderes erzählt. Wir wurden nach Alanya in die Stadt gefahren (30 km entfernt) um den Corona Test durchführen zu können. Jedoch wurde uns verheimlicht, dass man im Hotel ebenfalls ein Test machen kann. Stattdessen haben wir 60€ für ein Taxi zahlen müssen & 4 Stunden verschwendet. (Der „Taxi-Fahrer“ war ein Mitarbeiter vom Hotel)
    Das Essen war dieses Jahr leider auch gar nicht gut... und kaum Auswahl.

  • 9.8
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    Very good
    Sehr gut
  • 7.7
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    Good price / performance ratio
    Gutes Preislesrungsverhältnis

    The room was very modern and beautiful and every day there were fresh towels and drinks in the minibar, there was enough to eat, ice snacks drinks were always somewhere, you could do activities from the hotel such as parachuting, a boat tour or Alanya tour With a guide, etc., there was a shop where you could buy swimwear conforming to Islam, snacks and bathing shoes, toys, etc., and slide in the women's pool 👍🏼 Generally very satisfied and would come again

    Das Zimmer war sehr modern schön und jeden Tag gab es frische Handtücher und Getränke in der Minibar, es gab ausreichend zu essen , Eis Snacks Getränke gab es immer irgendwo , man konnte vom Hotel aus Aktivitäten unternehmen wie zB Fallschirm springen eine Boots Tour oder Alanya Tour mit Führung usw. , es gab einen Shop wo man Islam konforme schwimmkleidung kaufen konnte Snacks und Badeschuhe Spielzeug usw. , und rutschen im Frauenpool 👍🏼 Allgemein sehr zufrieden und würde wieder kommen

    The beach was very small and when there was a lot going on it got really crowded so I rather spent my time at the pool, WiFi was constantly interrupted, there were often dishes that were cold or tasted like yesterday (good to avoid israf, and there was still enough warm and fresh but I still want to mention it here because, for example, simit were really sometimes very dry and hard in the mornings) in general I knew a larger selection and more varied choice from other hotels, but you still get full and should have something for everyone to be there . One employee either didn't feel like me or didn't feel like the job, but really only one 😅 ... so it's actually complaining at a high level

    Der Strand war sehr klein und wenn viel los war wurde es echt eng somit hab ich eher meine Zeit am Pool verbracht , WLAN ist ständig abgebrochen , es gab öfter Mal Gerichte die kalt waren oder wie von gestern geschmeckt haben (gut um israf zu vermeiden , und es gab trotzdem genug warmes und frisches jedoch wollt ich es hier trotzdem erwähnen denn zB simit waren morgens echt manchmal sehr trocken und hart) allgemein kannte ich von anderen Hotels eine größere Auswahl und vielfältigere Wahl , aber man wird trotzdem satt und sollte für jeden was dabei sein . Eine Mitarbeiterin hatte entweder keine Lust auf mich oder keine Lust auf den Job , aber wirklich nur eine 😅 ... also es ist eigentlich meckern auf hohem Niveau

  • 8.6
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    Thanks Modern Palaces
    Teşekkürler Modern Saraylar

    Endless thanks to Guleryuzlu, solution-oriented, patient staff. Children's mini disco sister, dear Fatoş world sweetie, Zeynep Sisters, don't let your smiling face ever fade. Thank you very much, you took care of and entertained our children with such love. We had a very comfortable holiday at the hotel, everything was considered. Cleaning was fine. Rooms comfortable air conditioning very good wifi was very good quality.

    Guleryuzlu, çözüm odakli, sabırlı personele sonsuz teşekkürler. Çocukların mini disco ablası sevgili Fatoş dünya tatlisi Zeynep Ablaları güler yüzünüz hiç solmasın. Öyle sevgiyle ilgilenip eglendirdiniz çocuklarımızı çok teşekkür ederim. Otelde çok rahat bir tatil geçirdik herşey düşünülmüş. Temizlik gayet iyiydi. Odalar rahat klima çok iyi wifi çok kaliteliydi.

    We would prefer it to have a pool for men. In addition, the garden landscape works of the beach on the beach should be done and it was very poorly maintained. Lack of food in the women's beach section was constantly tormenting the staff carrying food from the facility. I can say that I was a little hungry on the ladies' beach so as not to torture the staff so that I would enjoy.

    Erkeklere ait de bir havuz olmasını tercih ederdik. Bir de sahildeki plajın bahçe peyzaj çalışmaları yapılmalı çok bakimsizdi. Kadınlar plajı bölümünde yiyecek olmaması sürekli tesisten yiyecek taşıyan personele eziyet oluyordu. Keyif yapacagim diye personele eziyet etmemek için bayanlar plajında biraz aç kaldım diyebilirim.

  • 8.2
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    Good vacation
    Хороший отдых
  • 4.8
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    Acceptable three-star
    مقبول بمستوى ثلاث نجوم

    Children's pool

    مسبح الاطفال

    1- The location of the hotel is very poor and its coastline is rocky and uncomfortable
    2- The lyrics of the songs in the evening night are inappropriate for children, not to mention that whoever sings them is a bad example full of tattoos and puts a ring, and this is inconsistent with the hotel’s declared policy that it is Islamic
    3- Absolutely not adhering to modest dress, whereby whoever wants otherwise, he can do so without directing that, and it was present in abundance.
    Many of the workers there are lacking in the rest

    ١.موقع الفندق سيء جدا والساحل التابع له صخري وغير مريح
    ٢.كلمات اغاني في السهرة الليلية غير ملائمة للاطفال ناهيك ان من يغنيها مثال سيء مليء بالوشم ويضع حلقة وهذا يتنافى مع سياسة الفندق المعلن عنها انها اسلامية
    ٣.عدم التقيد بالزي المحتشم نهائيااااااا حيث من اراد غير ذلك فله ذلك دون توجيه ذالك وكانت موجودة بكثرة
    الكثير من العاملين هناك يفتقدون للباقة

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